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He should become an Anglican.
Hey, everybody wants to fuck. That's normal. You're weird if you don't.
its a ridiculous constraint to put on human beings and completely unsupported by the Bible...not that I personally believe in the book.
As a recovering Catholic (the damage can take a lifetime to fix) I sympathize. All priests should have the courage to speak the truth.
Would it be inappropriate to suggest that he could fuck and still be a priest if he just kept it to little boys?

Sad. Hope he can find a willing lady or man and realize it was worth it.
This is what will eventually lead the church to drop the celibacy requirement- the imperative of its own survival. Nothing else motivates it. The only means of holding the church accountable is by denying it the money and people it needs to survive.
Is celibacy now defined as not having sex with age appropriate people?
He refuses to be an evolutionary dead-end.

That is all.
I'm no Vatican accountant, but as long as they promote celibacy, they promote a system that makes it easy for them to consolidate money & power from its leaders over time, so what would ever make them want to stop?
@10: correct. The Church's original fear was that the priesthood would become an inherited right, passed from father to son. The Church could still attract priests, because during the era of primogeniture, celibacy was a relatively cheap price to pay for a second or third son who, in the absence of any inheritance (or prospect of marrying into an inheritance) would face a lifetime of privation. Now that primogeniture has been abolished, there is no reason for anyone to pay the price of celibacy.
@11: I wonder how celibate priests really have been over the course of history. I don't imagine it was any easier, say, 800 years ago than it is today.

And you really have to respect this man for his courage and honesty. What a shame that the priesthood loses men like him.
"American men joining the priesthood has dropped by 60 percent since the 1960s to about 40,000 in 2009."

Something happened in the editing process that screwed up this sentence. The number of American men joining the priesthood can't be 40,000, as there are currently about 40,000 American Catholic priests.
@12: Most priests in history weren't very celibate. That was one of the reasons for the Protestant Reformation and the Council of Trent (to address the issues that led to the Reformation).

Clerical immorality was (is?) a big, big problem. A good number of clergy had mistresses/concubines/illegitimate children. The Borgias are a great example of this.

(Also, as I recall, three popes are known to have died during sex--all during the Middles Ages/Renaissance, I believe. One was sodomizing an altar boy and dropped dead, I believe of heart failure. One was having sex with another man's wife and was interrupted by said man, then had a heart attack. Don't recall the circumstances of the supposed third.)

(Oh, and I also vaguely remember a story about a bishop refusing to give up his wife.)
fucking is so overrated. kinda like capitalism.
I was fucked by my priest from college/he was old enough to be my father= Father John Clark of Glassboro -1977. 2 yrs later (1979) I was a go go dancer (24) & he came in when I was dancing on stage to last song. He told me to follow him in car & we ended up at motel around the corner/ he wanted me to follow him inside. Once I did, he acted like any horny man & took off his clothes. I was thinkn this was a joke & he told me to strip out of clothes or he would take em off for me. He fingerfucked my pussy & sucked my tits telln me that his dick was getting hard. He kissed my mouth & talked sexual as he pushed me down on bed & told me to spread my legs wide. He ate my pussy & fingerfucked me telln me that this is what God wanted him to do. I kept telln him it was wrong & to stop but he forced his cock inside me, moanin ever so loud/telln me what a good girl I was & how we were right in fuckn/He pounded me & moaned loud screamin Oh fuckkkkkk ur cunt feels so tight around my dick baby!! Kissin my mouth & bitin my tits he came inside me moanin Fuckk I want u to have my baby!! Once he came, he kept his cock inside me til it got soft then lay next to me kissin my tits/telln me that we were goin to continue fuckn more times, as I was to be his lover. Said he would've married me if he met me b4 becoming a priest. Fortunately I didn't get preggie!!

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