Slog Tipper Rich found this and passed it on to me: It is a counterfeit hundred dollar bill with Christian quotations printed on it. This is a pretty standard evangelizing tool. It triggers your greed reflex and is then supposed to guilt you: "Oh, you'll stop for money, but you won't pay attention to GOD'S WORD?" Anyway, here's the back: (Click to enlarge.)

  • Kelly O

And when you flip it over, you've got your standard Jesus-messages, too:


And so you'd expect that the face on the bill would be Jesus, right? Jesus H. Christ, smiling out at you from the center of the bill, where Benjamin Franklin usually is? Right? WRONG! Instead, it's a smiling, bearded Al Gore:


There can only be one question: What the fuck is going on? Are Christians worshiping Al Gore, now? Why did I not get that memo? A click-to-enlarge photograph of the front of the Bearded Al Gore Jesus money—courtesy of Kelly O—is after the jump. Thanks to Rich for making my world one hundred Inconvenient Dollars more confusing now.

  • Kelly O