So says Towleroad. Martin is the gay teenager in a small town in Georgia who got his school's permission to take his boyfriend to prom—his school reversed an earlier decision to block Martin from attending prom with his boyfriend after watching the legal and Interwebs shitstorm that engulfed Itawamba Agricultural High School after it canceled prom to avoid allowing Constance McMillen to attend with her girlfriend.

I wonder how long it will be until straight kids start inviting same-sex dates to proms just to get a chance to appear on Ellen?

In other Derrick Martin news: Some of Martin's classmates organized a protest against him coming to prom—the lead organizer isn't going to prom and wants her money back because she doesn't want dance in the same room with teh gays. Unlike the principal at Bleckley—who made the decision to allow Martin to attend prom with his boyfriend—Martin's classmates weren't paying attention to what went down in Fulton, Mississippi:

A small group of Bleckley County High School students staged a rally at the courthouse Thursday evening to protest their high school allowing a gay student to take his boyfriend to the prom.... “We knew Derrick was gay,” said Keith Bowman Jr., a high school senior who showed up at the rally. “They don’t want (Cochran) to be known as a pro gay town.”

Most of the dozen attending the rally said they weren’t bothered by Martin being gay or being allowed to attend prom with his partner. But they said the school system’s decision has brought too much attention to their small town.

Um... the school system in Itawamba County, Mississippi, decided against allowing same-sex couples to attend its prom. They even canceled prom to avoid having a same-sex couple at prom. And how'd that work out for Itawamba County in the not-attracting-attention department?

More sad details in the story: Martin's parents kicked him out after the story broke—which must make walking the halls at Bleckley awkward since Martin's dad is the school's math teacher. And there's talk of a private, no-homos-allowed prom.