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Joe is so hot, I want to rub his face.
What's "straight-identified"?
Maybe "gay homosexual" is kind of like a double negative...
"Everybody is doing it" is a lame excuse for a teenager, and just sad for a 40-something man.
didn't Dan already out Bauer?
he accuses so many people of being gay it's hard to keep up...
@ baconcat -- You and about 1.5 million other homosexualist type gay men with fabulous taste and a serious attraction to brains and charm and hotness. Just don't be piggy about it, 'cuz I've been standing in this line for a while . . .
At the link, I found "Anti-gay closet case gay homosexual South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer..."

I don't know who Andre Bauer is (apparently someone with anti-health care reform views, based on the content at the link), but isn't this whole people-who-hate-gays-are-themselves-gays bit the same one you do all the time? Um, is *that* hate speech? Is weird selective editing hate speech, maybe? I don't really think so, but seriously... what the hell are you talking about here, Dan?
Are you a-trying to say that the "whole-people-who-hate-gays-are-themselves-gay" thang is off mark?? It's not true??

That is what I am asking...
Hate! Delicious, wonderful hate! May it live free.

(F*ck 'em if they can't take a joke.)
"Um... that's hate speech, right?"

Defamation. Something you cheerfully engage in every once in a while.
If it takes one to know one and Joe says Bauer is gay, what more proof does anyone need?

And, no, that's not hate speech. What comes out of Bauer's mouth, now THAT'S hate speech.
@11: It's only defamation if you think being gay is a bad thing.

@7: Do you respond to physical intimidation? Because I will knock a bitch over for a cup of Joe.
@11 You've been known to engage in it yourself, although I don't know how cheerfully.
it's a south park reference:…;
@ 1 - "Rub his face"??? Rub his shoulders, sure. Rub his legs, yeah. Rub his feet, well, OK, if you like. But his face? Whatever floats yer boat, Bacon.
@17: Go to Youtube and look up beard rubbing.

I rest my case. Balls in your court!
Mmmm... Beard rubbing. Mmm...
"Defamation. Something you cheerfully engage in every once in a while."

Yes, because that is your mode of operation and you don't want anyone stepping on your territory or emulating your style. Am I right, LC?
Joe is my favorite.
@14 - No, I don't, because I live in a really dangerous part of my city and I carry a bully stick with me at all times, cleverly disguised as a very chic accessory for the fully fashionable man about town. So don't be trying to crowd into the line, here, honey -- a bunch of us were here first.
Actually, he called him an "Anti-gay closet case."
If he doesn't know for a fact that the man is a closeted homosexual then he is using the state of being a homosexual as an insult, which is demeaning to actual homosexuals. It's equivalent to someone saying "That's gay" about something they don't like as a put-down. Put-downs may not be hate speech per se but it may be helpful to use another label as a reference: If he called him a "black n-word" would it be hate speech? Maybe not to Bauer but it would be to black people.
From South Carolina here:

South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer among other things said providing school lunches to the poor just helped support their lazy parents and should be phased out. (Not his exact words, but that's the core of what he said) The quote was something like: "My grandma told me you never feed stray animals, it just encourages them"

He told a highway trooper he'd have him fired. Because the cop stopped him doing 104 mph on the I-26.

Lovely person overall...jerkwad.

oh dan, just let it go, seriously. you made a misstep, people were pissed, you think we were being overly uptight. now might be the time to finally drop it.
As opposed to a surly homosexual?

@24, not to mention the relevance... If I call someone a fat moron because I disagree with their views, the ''moron'' part is relevant if I think it affects their judgement, but their BMI has no bearing.

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