The man arrested today for allegedly threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray, as recorded by a Murray staffer at 8:09 a.m. on March 24:

Senator you just got done fucking the people of this state, the senior citizens of this country and most everybody else, to satisfy your ideological ideas. We are going to fuck you up. We are going to fuck you up as bad as we can. Yes, the independents. The real people of this country, not you spineless fucking socialists. You better watch your fucking back, baby, because there’s people gonna come after you with fucking both fucking barrels, bitch. You fucking Pike Street whore.

And at 8:11 a.m.:

Somebody is eventually gonna get through your security and put a fucking gun to your head, and hopefully I will be able to watch somebody blow your fucking brains out. You’re so fucking ignorant. I would actually pay to help that person, you fucking sleeze-ball fucking cunt. You are running this country. You have awakened a sleeping giant and we are coming after you. Yes, we the people. As you trash our constitution, you tried to lead us into a socialistic nation, we’re gonna fuck you up. We’re gonna fuck you up so fucking bad, you’re gonna be fucking… I hope somebody gets through your security and blows your fucking brains out. Yes, I truly, really, with all my heart, hopefully somebody does that.

And at 10:24 a.m.:

The old saying goes, my dear, all’s fair in love and war. This is war, so everything is fair. Cover your back. You better have eyes in the back of your head. Cover your back, all’s fair in love and war. Nobody comes out a winner. You may think you’re a winner now. You’re gonna be the biggest fucking loser. You have a horrendous amount of people that dislike you and your policies, and since we are, you have declared war on the American citizens, and we are declaring war upon you. Watch your back.

Previously: April 4, March 22, and March 23. All voice mails taken from the charging documents.