What's with the obsession with Pike Street? Having been a slut - but never a whore - on both Pike and East Pike (and even Pike Place one truly regrettable night) I never thought it was anything special.

Now a University Street slut - now you're talking: There's some classy real estate there. Some of our most successful contemporary sluts began their careers on a stool at 411 University. The generation before that earned their stripes at 410 University.
As someone living a block off Aurora, I'm a little insulted that this man is ignoring all the fine prostitution being done in my neighborhood. Hello? There's more to Seattle than just Capitol Hill!
I gather that Mr. Wilson wants to opt out of his coverage?
Personally I find the Stewart Street Skanks and Union Street Tarts more offensive, always wanting to front as high class Pike/Pine corridor sluts.
but FWIW, the Olive Way Ho's are a decent middlegound, sorta like Target or Ikea.
It's really weird to be reading these screeds and seeing the correct use of Your/You're, to/two/too, etc.
Just a note: guns don't have sex. Even if they are concealed weapons held by tea bag terrorists.

... at least I hope they don't ... good thing I skip HUMP.
@1, Rossellini's Four-10!
When I was a Pike Street Whore (should that be trademarked?) I never saw Patty at work...lazy bitch!!
@ 5 - That's because these are voicemail messages that were transcribed by Sen. Murray's staffers.

THEY know how to spell -- I would imagine the mouth-breather who left these screeds would have a hard time with the difference between 'your' and 'you're', not to mention the greater issues of being alive on the planet.....
Pike Street? My gosh, when I think of whores and Seattle I have to say Pike Street is not what comes to mind. Maybe a few decades ago, I wasn't around these parts back then.
I live 2 blocks from Pike Street. Where the whores at?
@5 - I felt the same when I was reading it. I know they're transcribed, but I just can't help but assume that all the typos would somehow make it more palatable. Maybe it's ... the lack of education? ... that errant apostrophes and kooky commas imply that make an awful, horrid message like this understandable, I dunno. "They're idiots - what do you expect?" But in this case. Well. It's a jolt to the psyche. I may use periods and commas strangely, but at least I know what I mean by them.
What a relief to know this guy was issued a concealed carry permit for his firearm!
@ 13,
Background checks can check for criminal history. They can't check for Fucking Crazy.

"Funny" how much of this rant is paraphrased from Glenn Beck Rants. She's "declared war" on "real Americans" (not the rest of us who just fake our citizenship) by "leading us to socialism". Not that we can blame Beck and his ilk of course. They have freedom of speech and even if that speech directly leads to Muslims declaring holy war and killing... no, that's not right, I mean leads real Americans to protect their country from socialists by killing people then that's ok.

Wow, that was almost a really awkward slip. I mean really, speech that leads Muslims to kill Americans gets the president to say we can shoot you without a trial. Speech that leads teabaggers to kill senators gets you a TV show.
& I love his previous rants where Mr senior citizen here, who is surely on Medicare, rails against socialism. Down with socialism! Keep your hands off my Medicare!
This guy sounds like an angry helpless alcoholic.

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