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Wow. She punched a horse? I think I really truly hate her.
Fact: Every time a cop stomps a privileged liberal arts college student God makes a rainbow.
In my mind, these folks are as dumb as the Fred Phelps God Hates Fags folks. Except they don't punch horses and tip taco hut dumpsters.
Is this a real protest? The pictures make it look like stills from that horrible Battle in Seattle movie.
Of course you know, Jeff, God doesn't exist.
Bad Idea, this march. The police don't deserve this. They put their lives on the line. These four in Lakewood didn't make it:…

I am not saying there aren't a few rogue officers. But the problem of "police brutality" isn't systematic. The police by & large, serve and protect. They sometimes, give their lives in the line of duty as well.
Fact: Police brutality has increased over the years as police forces recruit higher percentages of war veterns.

Fact: We are ever closer to living in a police state.

Fact: Prison rape isn't as sexy as it is in the movies.

Fact: Jeff at #2 is a Catholic Priest/Pedophile/former Nazi
@5 - yes she does.
#7 Godwin's Law for the win!

Words fail me.

But yeah, I agree with #1. What a shit-heel.

@2 seconded.
Why aren't there masses of people pelting these assholes with rotten fruit?
That first picture, haha. Ohhhh, melting pot.
I wonder how many of these people bother to vote?
Fact: Facts are things proved by data. Show your work on 1&2.
re-TARD-ed. These people think our police are bad? Try living in Mexico or Kyrgyzstan right now. There may be a few bad apples in the force, but mostly they're here to help and they'd even help your protesting ass if you were in trouble. These are some whiny bitches.
I go to SCCC and was seated by the lady in pink in the first photo earlier today on a break between classes. She was attempting to hand out fliers to the every asian person she saw with a friendly 'cops beat asians too!' and muttering 'asians just don't want to get involved' every time they ignored her.
where the fuck are those fancy new three wheeled police segways that we paid for?
Oh great, now every time some right wing blog or news show wants to show how "extreme" the left is we're going to see pictures of these idiots. But at least they can spell, unlike the Tea Party crowd.
@16 uhhhh....are you even paying attention? Protesters in Kyrgyzstan are kicking some serious ass....I would not want to be a cop there right now
Bad skin girl in the 3rd-from-the-end photo looks like she doesn't get enough vitamins or something. Pellagra? Scurvy? All of these people look defective in one way or another.

Punching a police horse is a new way to douche it up in public I haven't seen before.
Did any signs actually say "fuck the police"? I only see "fuck the police brutality?"
Actually, anyone even remotely associated with this "movement" is a major asshole.
Guess: You did not get to Fact 3 from @7 before posting

Fact: If not, a little work on the sarcasm detection skills is in order.
Fire to the prisons and jails. Nice. Perhaps we should put all of the rapists, pedophiles, murders, and violent criminals in her neighborhood?

Extremists in any direction are assholes, and people like this give people who really work to end police perpetuated violence (which is perpetuated by very very few officers) a bad name.
I hope Miss Horse Puncher slipped in horse shit.
So much a-holeness in these pictures, and I still can't get beyond the bitch who punched the police horse. What a total creep that woman is.
Fucking hell, I hate this city. Baconcat and Fnarf, I like your observations. Based on the photos it looks to me like this is most of these people's first run-in with the SPD. Something about being young, white and hip on Capitol Hill just doesn't equate with police brutality. Ugh, it's like 1999 all over again.
This just looks like another lame attempt to make Seattle a "world class city". If you want to get close to the real thing, you're going to have to move to Chicago, LA, NYC or Philly, where they really know how to do police brutality right.
@ 22 - they all said, "fuck the police brutality"
i completely and totally do not understand celebrating any action of chris monfort.

as a privileged liberal arts grad, i am all about saying fuck the police, but goddamn that guy is scum.
It's the bandana over the face that just radiates idiocy like a beacon.
Guess what's worse than punching a horse? Tying it up so you can use it as a vehicle all day long and keeping it in a cage all night long. Or eating one, like they do at Quinn's a block away.
I like how they're opposed to police brutality but brutality towards animals is apparently a-okay. What a stupid bitch.
Also, she's lucky it wasn't my horse she punched because she would not only be getting a swift hoof to the face, she'd also have my riding boot up her ass.
When did Amanda Knox escape from jail?
The Tweedledees of the Teabag Party meet the Tweedledums of the Fuck the Police Party...
All look like cyclists to boot.
@ 33 - You might want to lay off on the paint chips for a while.

are you sure this isn't just a training exercise for SPD so they can prepare a response for a "massive douchebag outbreak" somewhere in the city? from the pictures, it looks like everyone's waiting for someone to blow a whistle so they can all clap their hands and pat each other on the back for an exercise well-done.
footage from the protest:…

But, really, it sucks when the crazies make a legitimate issue (police abuse of power) a marginalized one.
i still don't understand the point of this - is police brutality a big issue in seattle? monfort is an alleged cop killer - what else you got?

who the fuck organized this march? i could give them 15 other things worth protesting in seattle besides our cops.
Wow, it's like a 'paint-by-numbers' of what's wrong with American radicalism. Guess what folks - radical action is counter-productive without first having wide-spread social recognition of a problem.

Police brutality and differential enforcement are very real problems in Seattle - blacks represent 56% of drug convictions, but make up just 8.3% of the population.…

Additionally, because the SPD is a fairly conservative institution, this fosters a certain tension and disconnect between the police force and the people they are meant to serve.

But this is *not* how you generate a discourse on the problem. This is how you act like a bunch of privileged Arendt-reading anarcho-syndicalists.
I take that back - I'd like to hope anyone who's read some Arendt would be less of a fucking idiot, at least by osmosis.
That was a protest rally? Sheesh...I thought Value Village was having a fashion show.
Wow, I'm not even a cop and suddenly I'm filled with the desire to visit some brutality on these people. Especially Miss-Horse-Punchy.
As one of those douche-bags at the protest I have to say; that lady didn't punch a fucking horse Kelly. I saw her get taken down about one foot from me in a rush of cops that were going after another person. She got caught in the fray and then a cop ground her face into the dirt with his knee for a while while she screamed for him to stop.

@48, did it hurt? Good.
@ 49 -- Dirty Fnarfy. "So tell me, punk. Do you feel lucky?"
Naaaaaaw, Horse-punching girl STRAIGHT!

Don't forget Thailand. Sounds like the LEO's there are getting their asses soundly handed back to them as well.
The comments here are about as dumb and pointless as this protest was. Good going.
@49: I bet you feel like a man now.
When people do things I don't like, I also like to express my desire to physically attack them on a popular blog! Awesome!

I have a feeling these people would call the police if someone were trying to steal their laptops. Or their bikes. Or if a drunk asshole attacked them while walking home from the bar. Obviously they need to try harder and figure out a better point to make.
The irony here is that what these kids are doing kind of makes sense, at the meta- level. Police abuse of power is a real problem (as many in this comment string have pointed out), it's an extremely difficult problem to fix, and that may, under certain circumstances, call for direct action of some sort. Copwatch was sort of an interesting idea in that vein, flawed though it was in execution.

But the folklore about direct action has become so much more pervasive and powerful than the real information on effective direct action, nobody knows how to do it right anymore. It's like they're trying to recreate the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense by watching that Melvin Van Peebles movie over and over again.

The sad part is that by the time they figure out how wrong they are about pretty much everything, they'll have run out of gas or gotten side-tracked and it won't even occur to most of them to get a job in the nonprofit sector, or go to law school, or get involved in politics. Assuming they're not just too stupid to do any of those things, which is certainly a possibility.

I'm donating even more money to the state troopers and police department because of these assholes. Not all cops are 'bad cops' a lot of cops do a lot of good work and are great dudes. Yes, SWAT and crowd control teams usually get all aggro and knock the shit out of everyone and that's wrong but cops also protect our communities and animals and shit.
#57: That's why they're against police brutality, not "police" in general.

Police beating the crap out of a teenage girl in Seatac, police shooting an unarmed restrained man in the head in San Francisco, police shooting multiple unarmed black men in Portland, hundreds of unarmed people being killed by tasers across the country... how could you possibly defend that?
I find it comical because it's the retarded Evergreen students protesting the police that are the most deserving of a severe beat down.

Boot Party!
You guys remember that chick that the cops beat the living snot out of in a holding cell? Remember how some dude killed a bunch of cops because of it? I know not all cops are bad, and the majority would obviously denounce any officer who beat the shit out of people who were already restrained, but it doesn't make it any less a reality. If you think people bringing this issue to light are the issue you're missing the point entirely. If the teabaggers can protest about taxes, which are at their lowest point in decades, than others have a right to protest a history of police violence that's gone too far and killed people. Very little has been done to assure us that this isn't standard operating procedure, and many people feel like if left unchecked, this department won't hesitate to let something slip...again.
@54, yes, thanks, I did get a nice chub thinking about your and your idiot friends receiving a long overdue application of clue at the point of a nightstick. Shame the lesson probably won't sink in, although it's nice that you all get your "street protest" merit badges and everything without any serious damage being done. Che would be really impressed. Man.
"that chick that the cops beat the living snot out of in a holding cell?"

That chick who a few weeks later threatened another kid with a gun at a mall? Yeah, she's was a real fucking winner. Why don't you adopt her?
@61: Really, if you're going to cheer on violence against women, I'd hide your Facebook profile.
@ 60, I don't know if @ 62 is telling the truth about that girl and don't really care because she most assuredly did not deserve it. However, don't you think it's ironic that a) although KCSD were responsible for that and other transgressions (tackling that kid into a coma at the Cinerama, almost causing a riot at Critical Mass), Monfort targeted SPD; and b) if the focus was supposed to be anti-police violence but not anti-police, period, why are they celebrating a craven coward like Monfort in the first place?

@ trstr, it's not violence against women, it's violence against idiots. She doesn't get to hide behind her gender and be stupid like that.
I can't help wondering what is in that Bartell bag in pic #6.
@64, the POS Malika Calhoun's criminal record is well documented and her arrest

"Girl beaten by sheriff's deputy now facing felony harassment charge"

Calhoun reportedly became angry and said, "I will come back with a burner ... and shoot you in the face," according to charging papers. "Burner" is a slang term for a handgun, court documents said.

So go ahead, you adopt the POS. Now, I have no problem with the cop being fired, only an idiot would have done what he did when the camera's are on. But the girl? She deserved the ass kicking, she's a fucking menace to society.
@ 66, you can do the honors. All I was saying is that it isn't the KCSD's place to do that.
"I will come back with a burner ... and shoot you in the face," according to charging papers. "Burner" is a slang term for a handgun, court documents said.

"Burner" was a slang term for a handgun... in the 1970s. Seriously, I think the last time I heard anyone use that term was Gary Oldman in that god-awful movie True Romance.

So she's a menace to society and out of date? WHo the fuck cares, her ass will be jail someday soon and she won't be able to terrorize other 'people of color'. Then these assholes can protest for her release so she can get out and terrorize more 'people of color'.

Dude, you're an idiot. I guess you probably hear that a lot, but it's true. The United States is supposed to be a nation of laws, not of men. We've sort of prided ourselves on it for more than 200 years. That means due process. In that set-up, it's not a cop's job to dole out justice. It's a cop's job to arrest someone and gather evidence, so that the prosecutor can charge them and the jury can deliver a verdict and the judge can make sure the whole thing goes like it's supposed to. Separation of powers: executive, judicial, legislative, etc. That's how the system works, and it's important for its own sake. As far as that goes, I don't really give a fuck if the girl was in custody for j-walking, or if she was in there for beating nuns to death with baby seals. Cops don't get to decide who "deserves" an ass-kicking.

Now, the mistake that you're making is to assume that my opinions about that are based on the girl's status as a "person of color" or an innocent victim; it's not. My opinions about that are based on an understanding of how our system of government is supposed to work, and why it was set up that way. If the girl's a menace to society, I hope she gets convicted and removed from society. But that has nothing to do with a cop kicking her ass because he doesn't like how she took off her shoe, and if you're too stupid to understand that basic fact -- that fact that most people learn in fifth grade history class, and which is endlessly reiterated in TV shows and movies and the most elementary forms of popular entertainment -- you're just too fucking stupid to argue with.

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