A 24-year-old youth pastor accused of sending dirty text messages to a 14-year-old girl at his church was arrested Wednesday. Church youth pastor Cecil Wayne Seay was charged with transmission of material harmful to minors, a third degree felony. The Pasco Sheriff's Office said he sent several "lustful" text messages over the course of several weeks to the minor, expressing his "restless desire to be with her." Seay also allegedly said, "I touch myself thinking of you like I never should." He also sent a text that stated, "If you were here, would you kiss me like that?"


A convicted child molester was sentenced Monday to 50 years in prison. Pike County authorities said 48-year-old Roy A. Selby was found guilty on two counts of child molestation last month. Selby is a former youth pastor at a Petersburg church. The prosecutor's office said Selby is still facing charges in three other separate cases. [From an earlier report: "Selby, a former youth minister at the Gospel Center in Petersburg, was alleged to have molested three girls and a boy dating back to 2005. In court documents, the accused, now 15, was sexually assaulted by Selby while staying over at his home. Other children were in the room and were sleeping on the floor. The story from the Press-Dispatch also said the girl testified in court that Selby was looking at her through a peep hole in an adjoining bathroom. Selby’s daughter also testified for the prosecution about inappropriate touching by her father."]


A 67-year-old Stewartville man, once active as a church youth leader, now is in prison for sexually assaulting a teenage boy in 2006. Gordon J. Stiles was sentenced March 30 in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court in Fond du Lac, Wis., to 15 years in prison.... Rochester police were called in February 2008 by the youth pastor at Calvary Evangelical Free Church, who reported that Stiles, who worked in youth ministry at the church, had told him he had molested a boy 20 to 30 years earlier. The pastor said Stiles also admitted to molesting a 13-year-old boy both in Rochester and Waupun, Wis. Two days later, Stiles met with police and gave a statement about sexual molestation of four teenage boys at different times.... Circuit Court Judge Robert Wirtz also ordered him to register as a sex offender, attend sex offender treatment, have no contact with any person younger than 18 and no contact with the victim. He also is not to attend religious services without approval.

And there are lots of stories out there about Father Kiesle, the Catholic priest that the future pope—then Cardinal Ratzinger—refused to defrock despite Kiesle having been convicted of tying up and raping two boys in a church, despite Kiesle's own request to be defrocked, and despite Kiesle's bishop's request that Kiesle be defrocked. While the church dithered and stalled—Kiesle was young, just 38, and defrocking such a young priest could cause a scandal, said the future pope—Father Kiesle worked at a Catholic parish as... a youth minister. Andrew Sullivan's outraged post about Ratzinger and Kiesle is required reading.