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Paedophile ring convicted of abuse (gay LGBT paedohile ring )

The Daily Mail

A paedophile ring has been smashed after eight men were found guilty of a horrifying catalogue of more than 50 child pornography and abuse charges.

Among the crimes was a shocking sexual attack carried out on a three-month-old baby boy by an executive adviser on child sex issues.
James Rennie, chief executive of a publicly-funded gay rights group, was one of the men exposed yesterday as members of Scotland's biggest paedophile ring.
Rennie, 38, molested the toddler son of unsuspecting friends - a little boy he had been trusted to babysit - recording the abuse and sharing it with other perverts.
In the course of the police investigation, the boy's parents were forced to watch a video of their baby son being violated by Rennie.
Last night, after the eight men were found guilty of a string of child sex charges at the High Court in Edinburgh, the child's parents reacted with disgust.
They said: 'For over 15 years, James Rennie seemed the closest of family friends and it is hard to put into words the extent of the betrayal he has exacted upon us.'
During their investigations, police recovered tens of thousands of still and moving images of the most vile child abuse.
Police sources revealed yesterday that the activities of 70 other men around the UK with links to the case are being investigated.
More than 35 people have been arrested or been subject to enforcement action. Two investigations are continuing in Scotland.
One of the most worrying aspects of the case is the way Rennie was able to reach a position where he could influence Executive policy on child sexuality.
A trained teacher, Rennie became the boss of LGBT Youth Scotland, a publicly-funded support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people.
He took on the £40,000 a year role when the group was set up in 2003 and became the Executive's most important and influential adviser on gay issues affecting children.
Under his leadership, the group backed proposals to allow gay adoption. As well as appearing in the Scottish parliament, he was invited to a Royal Garden Party and to Downing Street.

Yesterday, Rennie, from Edinburgh, was found guilty of indecently abusing the baby boy. The abuse began when the child was three months old and continued for several years. Rennie filmed and photographed himself committing the abuse, sent the images to others and allowed another man to listen on the phone while he molested the child.
He allowed the boy, whom he called his 'nephew', to be abused by another paedophile and also offered him to other deviants in a series of emails.

So 50 thousand priests and a couple non-priest homos are child molesters? interesting.
Three perverts made the watch today, two of whom had inappropriate contact with teenage boys (none of whom was Mayor of Portland...)
66% seems a little high compared to the percentage of men attracted to males in the general population....
@1, you've mischaracterized the crime. LGBT kids are the victims here. A pedophile secures a leadership position in a youth organization in order to gain access to prey. No different than a priest or Scout leader.
Wow, that was required reading. What the fuck is wrong with the Catholic church? And the pope. This is the guy the cardinals chose to lead their entire organization...
Damn, how is it all these religious creeps are gettin' all that sweet underage clunge, while decent folks like me get nothing?
What the fuck is wrong with Andrew Sullivan and any other person who still voluntarily calls themselves a Catholic?

I'd like to ask him that, since his contributions to the church have obviously helped subsidize pederasty on a global and historical scale.
@7, all Catholics know that despite the heirarchical nature of church authority the real church is the congregation, not the guys in the robes. Priests etc. are the medium of the word of God but are not themselves the word of God. Think of it as having a really shitty TV; it doesn't mean the program isn't any good.
@1 Glad to see you posted the source. The Daily Mail have *never* been known to misrepresent the facts, take sides or engage in sensationalism for the sake of selling papers, have they now?

Hurrah for the Blackshirts!
beck if you have a different version of the story please share it.
belittling the Mail is not going to deflect attention from the topic at hand.
the real point of all this bluster is we need to be more careful about who we put in charge of kids. Just because someone claims to be christian, you can't just be like "oh yeah, here, take all these young boys to the woods." or someone is a gay leader " oh yeah, run around with these most likely already victimized and confused kids who came out last week". Bad people will prey on vulnerable kids, and use whatever mask they need to do so.

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