Earlier today, I had an occasion to make reference to the Goddess Kring, then immediately wondered if the reference would make sense to the average 21st-century Seattleite. So I sent an email query to everyone in the Stranger building:

when I refer to the local celebrity the Goddess Kring, do you know who I'm talking about? please reply yes or no. thanks.

15 respondents said no and 14 respondents said yes, making it a near-even split, unless you count the overwhelming enthusiasm/emotion of those who said yes, nearly all of whom incorporated some sort of outburst into their responses ("dear god yes!"; "oh goddess yes!"; "I'll never forget the Goddess Kring, no matter how badly I'd like to").

For those who don't know, the Goddess Kring is the creation of Shannon Kringen, a local artist/artist model/spiritual seeker best known for the cable-access television show she hosted throughout the '90s (and beyond?), on which she would take off her clothes and say things with her mouth.

She's still around and working and if she's no longer on cable access, she's found a home for herself on the internet, which is where I found this most recent example of Goddess Kring doing her thing (with clothes on, so SFW.)