Can we, as city lovers, also agree to maybe promote the concept that cities are nice places to be by replacing the term "rat" with "carpet squirrel"?

Everyone hates rats. Rats are furtive. Dirty. They are also everywhere—on the street and in your kitchen, undressing you with their eyes while gnawing on your breakfast bars. They contribute to the myth that cities are dangerous non-communities populated with plague-riddled vermin.

Carpet squirrels sound clean. Cute. Creatures with morals and decent hygiene that tourists might want to feed peanuts to.

I thought of this while eavesdropping on a pair of women talking about yeast infections and rat infestations over lunch. It was a depressing conversation to intentionally overhear.

They should've been talking about carpet squirrels and lady gardens instead.

Just another request for this fine Monday.