Farts resonate too; sometimes they even reverberate.
Is this possibly the reason that when I just now logged into Twitter to see some of these exciting new ads the very first thing I see across the top is Real Time Results for "Jesus I Love You" -- save this search"? Because that's not exactly "useful to you".
Amazing. Shocking. Incroyable.

I just went onto Twitter to see what had changed and, OH, wouldn't you believe it?

I never signed up for Twitter! So I wanted to mention this on my Facebook.

Then I realized that I couldn't access that private internets, either, because I never signed up to it.

Shucks. I just use the public internets. That makes me so 1.0.
Telsa, I only signed up for Facebook last night, and it was more out of necessity than anything. And I do not, and never will, do Twitter.

If it makes you feel any better, I noticed while I was on FB that, while Dan Savage is signed up, he has no friends.
Facebook serves no "necessity" that a land-line telephone can't
Facebook is a great place to post Nina Hagen videos.

Twitters is great because Pbobs and Megan tweet interesting things.
@5 If we only did things out of necessity, then we likely wouldn't even have land-line telephones.
@5, good food serves no necessity that gruel can't. Clothing serves no necessity that a burlap sack can't. Your house serves no necessity that a hole in the ground can't. Art, music, literature, sex, booze -- that ol' "necessity" argument eliminates 99.99% of what makes life interesting. Is Facebook in there? Well, apparently for 400 million people, yes, it does. Are they dumber than you? Hmm.
Fnarf is correct. And by the way, a business website that I use extensively was down for a server upgrade and all traffic was being re-directed to a Facebook group they had set up, so yeah, it was kind of a necessity.
Simply mocking the ubiquitous "I am better than facebook, but am forced to have one because I have no other way to get in touch with people I spoke to once in high school" defense. If you think that social networking is for the cretins, why waste your time?
I still like Twitter better than Facebook, because my entire family and people I went to 4th grade with can't find me.
This should be no surprise. Twitter has to make money somehow, unless it is run as a charity.

Apparently they now feel like they have a big enough base that they can sell ads. Duh.

I don't like ads any more than anyone else, but I'm not the least bit surprised by this.
@6: Ah but so is the Toob (This was the only video version that counted, really. All the others were hacks.)

@9: Good food can give you an orgasm. Gruel can't.
Also, I am not following any businesses or organizations, just my friends. I haven't really noticed any change.
I am horrified that a for-profit website would even attempt to make money.
I am horrified at how many of you don't seem to get the joke. Thanks for playing anyway!
@17: It kind of helps if your post is actually clever and/or funny, Grant.
I don't know how to do that, Baconcat.
But you're trying, and that's all that matters!
You mean like all those flashy ads on the right side of SLOG?

Shame on them.
@19, oh come on, you linked to Bebo. That's funny.
Thank you, Fnarf. I was really starting to get discouraged (seriously).
@22: Don't say that name.

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