good news, indeed. missoula is the most liberal city in the state, due to its being a college town. but don't to see this repeated anywhere in the big sky country. still, yay!
And Jeffery and Cole Casserole returns for SEASON 2 on June 25th!!!!!
scary, missioula is my undergraduate alma matter or whatever, and you have no idea how hard we 'mos had to fight for even the smallest glimmer of sanity. marches! ralleys! speaches! activisms! and so forth! let me tell you: THIS VICTORY IS MINE.
I love Missoula
Missoula is pretty much an exclave of N. California.

Still, good. Progress anywhere is still progress.
You'll see Bozeman follow - eventually.
adrian, i was born in montana, too (polson), and i know missoula has an LGBT organization AND at least two gay-friendly churches. U Montana is my parents' alma mater, too.
@3: It's all because you sparkled by on a glimmering trail of homophony and limp wrists and all the kids thought "wow, someday I can be that gay".
I have known a lot of gay people from Montana.
Thanks for the shout out- it was an exciting night. I expect other Montana cities to follow our lead. Marilyn (Missoula city council)

Oops, try that.
I love you, Montana. It's the best kept gay secret in the country. I mean, where else have the gays taken over an American Veterans bar as their own? I miss you, Missoula, Polson, AmVets, Flathead area.
missoula is home to maggotfest, therefore this is not suprising. but it is awesome all the same.
@7 -- hah! My grandparents were both UM graduates, back in the teens and twenties. You western Montanans had it easy.
Missoula's come a very long way since the arson torchings of dyke households way back during the 2000s.

This decision's going to make everyone just drop what they're doing and pack their U-Hauls for Western Montana. Or sth.
My old EC Phillps colleague Roy Housman was one of the 10! No surprise there and I'm glad to see he's risen above the troll table!
@14 - link or it didn't happen.
Change is coming here in MT.

Last October, three days before my husband's and my daughter was born via surrogate, our state supreme court found that same-sex partners of birth or adoptive parents could establish parenting relationships with their partner's children. Last November, two lesbian foster parents were allowed to jointly adopt their foster child, becoming the first legally recognized same-sex parents in the state.

Eleven days ago, my daughter became the first Montana girl to legally have two dads.
@20: Congratulations, Alan!

I was pleased enough when I saw that Jon Tester was made senator. I didn't expect any other highlights for a good long time. More good news from my home state (and the uni my little brother is currently attending)!
@20, that's awesome. Congratulations. You have the luckiest little girl in Montana, I'll bet.
Whoa, Fnarf. You shoot with a Nikon F?

win + win == win^2.
@23, sometimes. It's my dad's old outfit. I had to get the FTn finder modified to take modern batteries, but it works like a charm. I wish someone would make a DSLR with as intuitive controls (match needle metering, yay! Dials instead of buttons, yay!)

Plus, you can pound nails with the thing. It's a tank.
Isn't that around the time that Norman MacLean's brother also attended UM? Interesting.
Yes, they're nigh indestructible. I shoot with an F4. It was in my bag when I was hit by a car whilst commuting by bike. The Nikon was unfazed, even as I lay there with broken ribs and collapsed lung.

My solution is to just not use a DSLR. Until a modular DSLR setup allows for the body to be used for years, if not decades, with mere upgrades to the "back" (that is, the imaging area), then it isn't worth it. Tossing out seemingly new DSLR bodies every few years whose imaging mechanism are now obsolete due to the imaging quality built into it is just lame and a total, total waste.

That F of yours, meanwhile, still yields better images than a DSLR. Whether it yields better pictures has entirely to do with the brains behind the shutter. :)
@26, well, that's not an issue, because there are no brains behind either shutter in my case.
Hahahaha Fnarf. C'mon now. Cut yourself some slack.

Also, I just realized that's an NPC-styled polaroid back on that F beast.
I don't know what NPC means, but that beast is a Speed Magny, possibly the most ridiculous piece of camera gear ever made. Polaroid back, but done with mirrors, which means it loses FIVE WHOLE STOPS (more or less). So Polaroid ISO 3000 film works out to about 100, while the 100 stuff is about ISO 3. And blurry. And the thing weighs about 25 pounds with the F and a big lens on it. But it's fun, especially since photographers always do a double-take when they see it.
Missoula might be a more progressive town than most places in MT, but a recent poll by the Montana Human Rights Network shows that a majority of Montanans support these equality laws. It is only a matter of time until other cities follow suit.

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