#95 - Thank you for the post. The comparison that being falsely accused is akin to being raped is wrong. People need to ask themselves which they would prefer before they say it. Also, there is an assumption by many that being falsely accused of rape is the worst kind of false accusation. They should say that to an accountant I know who was falsely accused by her boss of embezzlement. That cost her job prospects, a fortune along with a loss of respect by many people she considered friends. False accusations are all over the map. Women are victims of it too. That we give men who are falsely accused of rape special consideration when often their behavior was extremely irresponsible says a lot about how people view the crime itself. Do people really think it's wrong when it happens to certain women?
Why in the world are we talking about unreported rapes?

This discussion was about false accusations of rape, that they are potentially very harmful, and that a woman who made such a false accusation should not be let off easy.

Unreported rapes have nothing to do with it. An unreported rape does not somehow balance the cosmic scale against the harms caused by a false accusation. In fact, the more of each we have, the worse off we are.

We want a rape free society. In the absence of that, we want every rape to be reported, the victim cared for and the perpetrator punished. BOTH unreported rapes and false accusations of rape are very detrimental to our hope of getting closer to that goal.
We are talking about unreported rapes the fear of being perceived as a false-accuser is one of reasons rape-victims so seldom report their assailants.
Very relevant: "Why Rape Isn't One Big Misunderstanding"…

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