It ain't dead till it's dead. And last night the 43rd District Democrats voted by a whopping margin to oppose the aggressive-panhandling bill that we've reported on ad nauseam. So I'll make this quick. Now all five the District Democratic organizations with a full footprint in Seattle have opposed the measure (along with lots of organization and lawmakers). The council technically passed the bill on Monday but Mayor Mike McGinn will veto it this Friday. The council has a few weeks to revive the legislation if they can overturn one of the four votes against it, and the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) is, of course, trying to do that. "We will continue to work hard to get this ordinance across the finish line," DSA president Kate Joncas wrote in an email to members yesterday. She asked them "to email each of the Councilmembers ... to let them know how you feel about their vote." They're also pressuring Mayor Mike McGinn not to veto the bill. But, as I report in an article in this week's paper, the mayor got only eight calls and e-mails in favor of the bill and 208 against it. "That was an astounding number," McGinn said. I doubt he'll change his mind for the DSA (or the Seattle Times, for that matter).