"43% of homosexuals admit to 500 or more partners in a lifetime and 28% admit to 1,000 or more in a lifetime. As parents and school board members, why are we excited about promoting this lifestyle?"

Um, if being gay means I get to bang 500-1000 people in my lifetime, I can see why we promote it.
100% of straight men lie about their number of sex partners.

It's either:
"Nah, baby, nah, I didn't sleep with the WHOLE sorority, just the rushes. 7 years in a row. And the whole sorority. 8 years in a row."


"I totally slept with ALL the cheerleaders. All of them. Yes, all. 100%. They're so hot for me and my 5 nipples."
Also, homosexuals due to their depraved lifestyles rarely attain the height of even three feet six inches; and their arms and legs are like flippers. Furthermore, they have no teeth, which is why they have to boil their Negroes for sixteen days before eating them for supper.
Huh. And here I thought all along that it was the Jews who were boiling negroes for supper.
@3 goddamn that was funny.

43% of homosexuals admit to 500 or more partners in a lifetime and 28% admit to 1,000 or more in a lifetime.

I think this goes to show that many homophobes are simply jealous.
Fnarf @3, OMG, that is too funny. I'm gonna print that and hang it on my wall.
@1: What percentage have had >9000?

@3: +1 Internets.
He forgot to mention that the 50% of all suicides by gay people were caused by 100% of assholes like him.
One of the things you didn't mention about the email from Hutch was he asked his warriors to call the Snoqualmie Valley Record and then gave them THE WRONG PHONE #! Classic Hutch!
@9, yes, it is a bit like "look, these pussies are miserable, let's GET 'EM". I'll bet Hutch has been a bully all his fat-necked life.
Damn. Here I thought we'd ignored him long enough that he just went away.

@3 You owe me a new keyboard.
Ken, Ken, Ken, (shaking my head in disbelief)

-well if that's not calling the kettle black!

And guess what peeps disproportionately and racially are more likely to:

give birth out of wedlock
give birth out of wedlock- multiple times
Commit a violent assault (including domestic violence)
Be in prison for violent assault
Have an STD
be one of the fastest growing demographics for AIDS and HIV
Have poor test scores
Drop out of school
Be on Welfare
Have a shorter lifespan
Appear on Maury Povich trying to find her "Baby Daddy"

Give up?

Look in the Fu@king mirror!

Dear Hutch:

The research pointing to evidence of genetic markers for homosexuality is not "pseudo-science", it's "science".

Saying that an invisible sky-daddy created the entire universe in six days, 6,000 years ago while purposefully depositing 200 million year-old dinosaur bones on the earth as a test to see who's faithful and who's not, on the other hand, IS "pseudo-science".

More than happy to clear up that confusion for you.
43% sleep with over 500 people?

if sexual orientation is a choice, i clearly chose wrong. I'd like to re-roll plz.
I work in Snoqualmie and coordinate ads with the Valley Record for my employer. I have just sent an email to the publisher thanking him for declining Hutch's ad. Mr Shaw is a serious businessman who is trying to save and improve a local paper; I appreciate that he refused the ad income even during this time of financial stress.
30,000 sexually abused children in Los Angeles were victims of homosexuals

When will his idiot-ness stop equating "homosexual" to "pedophile"?
Nice one Hutch, ya dumb fuck!

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