Ndamukong Suh would be nice, but he will probably be gone by the time the Seahawks' turn comes up.
Well, at the very least, a left tackle who can start right away. But beyond that, and in general, it's next to impossible to predict the draft, so best to just be open-minded and expect surprises. Our new General Manager comes from a background of building teams through the draft, so it's possible we will see a lot of trading down in order to accumulate more picks (we currently have nine).

Will it matter? In a few years, it'll really matter. But for now, not so much. This team is rebuilding and is going to be either marginally better or marginally worse than last year, barring a miracle from the football gods.
I predict the Seahawks will get a new stadium paid for by the taxpayers.

Rebuilding is good.
Oh barf, the rumor mill has the Hawks taking Jimmy Clausen at QB? Did they not learn their lesson from Rick Mirer? I say they should give Hasselbeck one more year before pasture and grab Ricky Stanzi from Iowa next year. He is wildly underrated and would fit in to the organization very well.
With their first pick, the Hawks will take little Timmie Redgrave, a four-foot-one-inch tall bedwetter with a stutter and an artificial leg that doesn't fit properly but which he hopes to "grow into" later this year. "We think he can step right in -- oh, shit, here, let me help you up", said a team spokesman.
As long as they get rid of Matt Hasselbeck, I don't care what they do. That guy is terrible.
An offensive lineman is what they need most, but that's one of the most sought-after positions in any draft, the guys they want will probably be gone by #6. If Eric Berry (safety) is still there I think they might take him, the guy's a monster athlete, super-smart, and was coached by Monte Kiffin who Pete Carroll learned his defensive schemes from, meaning the guy could step in and potentially start from day 1. No matter who they take though, there are some rebuilding years ahead...
Okung! OH KUNG! O'Kung!! Love the name and looks like a monster, athletic Left Tackle. What a relief. Clausen woulda sucked - Mirer II.

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