On April 17, at around 1:00 a.m., a man demonstrated that chivalry’s not dead when he protected his girlfriend from four men, one of who was wielding a machete, in the parking lot of the China Harbor Club on Westlake Avenue, according to a Seattle police report.

The man was walking his girlfriend to her car in the restaurant parking lot, police records say, when four men approached and told him to “give them all his money.”

One of the suspects then allegedly pulled out a machete. At the sight of the blade, the victim ordered his girlfriend to get the hell out of Dodge. She drove away, stranding her boyfriend with the four men. The victim tried to walk away from the group, later telling police he was “afraid that he was going to get stabbed or shot.” According to the police report, the man holding the machete blocked his path and demanded money again. The victim gave him $20. The machete man demanded more dough.

We can kill you right now. We can do whatever we want with you," one of the suspects allegedly told the victim. The victim gave the suspects another $20. He then told the group of men that he was out of money, jumped into his car, which was parked nearby, and drove away while calling 9-1-1.

Officers positively identified and arrested the alleged machete-wielding suspect, who was still in the China Harbor Club parking lot. The police report notes that the suspect appeared to be drunk or on drugs.