Questionland is good for many things—there's expert love and sex advice from Dan Savage and smart marijuana discussions with a former police chief and the city attorney. Also? Tasty drink recipes that involve an Otter Pop!

Earlier this week TVDinner Redux said:

I love the combination of booze and coffee but can't find any recipes that would incorporate what I already have on my shelves, plus I'm too lazy/broke to leave the house to get more stuff. Booze is pricey! Here's what I've got:

1. Knock-off grand marnier
2. Knock-off peach schnapps (sensing a theme?)
3. Lots of cheap rum
4. Plenty of cheap bourbon (the theme continues!)
5. The usual complement of wine and beer, including some dessert wines and madiera

In the fridge I have lots of half-and-half but no cream. And of course I have an endless supply of solidly good coffee.

Anyone have a suggestion of some tasty goodness I could create with all that?

And nseattlite came in with a creative take on a coffee martini—complete with Otter Pop garnish!

You have the fixin's for an awesome coffee martini.

Try this:
2 parts coffee—make it really strong
2 parts bourbon or rum
1 part grand marinier or peach schnapps (optional, but either could be really good)
1 part half-and-half.

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass

Adjust the portions as needed, this is off the cuff, you may need more half-and-half.

Bonus: if you have some chocolate syrup drizzle it in the glass artfully before pouring the drink in or garnish it with an orange otter pop.

Fantastic! nseattlite's answer is this week's Answer of the Week. Both she and TVDinner Redux get a $25 gift card from Pagliacci Pizza. Congratulations!

Even thought nseattlite won the mushroom this time around, it's never too late to share your ideas—so if you have some fantastic drink recipes that TVDinner Redux should try, share them in Questionland!