Rossi is currently at 25 points in the MotoGP world championship standings. That's a rock solid number you can verify from any number of sources published in the bright light of day. Twenty five points, baby, twenty five. That's what first place nets you. Fact.
I can see where Rossi would appeal to the white, middle-aged, middle-manager, male pattern baldness, viagra-not-working, angry-at-the-world set, but who else would think that guy is anything worth listening to?

Maybe the much-too-old-for-long-hair, haggard-face, chronic smoker, bitter women set, and the I-do-whatever-my-angry-husband-tells-me-to-do girls, but really - is there anyone else?

Dems love to run against Rossi because they know they can beat him.

He's pretty much a RINO so the conservatives don't like him, and their aren't enough Repub Libs to beat the Democrats.

The whole "I'm a fiscally conservative MOR guy" thing doesn't work and has been taking the GOP down in flames for this whole decade.
Like it's been said before, his 'commercial' political brand is too dinged up after two failed runs for governor. He has no chance for a real bid except as an independent, which would be even less of a chance than the mega ultra minute chance he'd have of winning as a Republican. But by all means, Dino, run against Patty. The more WA GOP money you soak up wasting time the better for all the other campaigns that don't have access to the same funds.
5 smug ... beware .... voters are angry and will lash out at the party in power

voters are polling against the dems ... all dems ..... with the right amount of money and message ... rossi will be a contender ... so smug ... so Capitol Hill ... so isolated ... so assumptive

beware the stalkinghorse ... rossi plays it out as a foil for Mc Kenna ... who files the last day and then launches the 100 mill campaign to save the state from HER ...

beware ... the year of turmoil, the push back to the status quo, wherein Murray is firmly anchored at this stage
the cryptic ramblings....of the lonely person....who spends his friday evening posting slog

hoping desperately posting in this tired 80's liberal arts flunkout style.....that he will sway the intellectually superior......or just make an inane point.

beware.....ridiculous people of low intellect....who type to impress....and hope desperately that someone will notice what they say.... but no one will.

You know who could win as a Republican?

I'll tell you, and I'm actually serious.

Dan Savage.

If Dan Savage dropped all his liberal pretense, and ran as an openly gay, rational conservative. He'd get elected.

It's true.

Think about it.

@5: I'd be more worried about voters lashing out against people who overuse the ellipsis.
It should look like this:…
Not like this:…
Also, they've polled about an election that's over 6 months away, where several key votes have yet to take place, oh ya, and there's been no campaigning. I think what's even more important, is that we again find ourselves without knowing anything about what Rossi would stand for. He's not even said he's running. Why are the republicans going to keep trying to win with a loser? All the makeup in the state can't make this pig the beauty queen. I have no doubt Rossi would join with Republican obstruction unquestionably. You can't win an election in this state if you have no soul.
I think you Liberals should definitely relax.

This one is safe in the bag.

Murray is such a dynamic leader and this midterm election everything will be going the incumbents' way because the country is in such great shape and the base is so excited about Single Payer and the extensions of rights to Gay/Lesbians.

I mean, the next six months should be one long non-stop joke-a-thon at the Republitards expense...
In other news, Dewey Defeats Truman....
It sure looks like an outlier -- which are with us always. You can lead yourself into error by selective reading of poll results.

You can also lead yourself into error by selective reading of cited articles. For instance, if an alt weekly staff writer passed up this graf
SurveyUSA, which pioneered these polls, has an impressive record for accuracy. The company ranks second among more than 30 pollsters rated by Mr. [Nate] Silver [of]. Its own report card shows it ranking at or near the top in predictive power for recent national election cycles.
in order to highlight some anecdote about a 12-year-old boy pretending to be a 37-year-old woman in the same article, he might be fooling himself (and unwary others).
in reply to No.#8

The GOP still has vendetta on Dan for his voting in the Iowa Caucus, even if he was caught in bed with Phyllis Schafly, or become spokes ex gay for Exodus International, The GOP seems to think voting for Gary Bauer in the 2000 Iowa Caucus is a mortal sin.

Dan, I assume is happy in his catbird seat as a social commentator, However a Savage/McKenna ticket would be hilarious, vote for the Drag Queen and Drag King.
Screw you, anonymous troll.

It's Patty Murray for the win, baby!
Despite the made up polling, Dino has absolutely nothing to win by getting in this race.

Two of his top aides from 2008 have already endorsed Patty, and big bucks Kemper Freeman is already on someone else's campaign. The national republicans don't have any money for him, and he doesn't really want to uproot his family and move them all to DC. I'm betting he stays out, and Patty stays in.
I wish I could put something in the hearts and mind of the liberal slugs that seem to think another 6 years of this 'obama loving - tax to max' democrat Murray is the answer. I have every hope that come election day the people of Wa state will say, enough is enough - time to 'vote them out'. One of the greatest political leaders of our day, Abraham Lincoln, faced defeat after defeat as he worked feverously for the people - just like him Dino Rossi will rise above all of this and win this election. You want a future to enjoy what you make and have something for your children and their children well, you better get off your butts and vote Repbulican and get rid of some of these liberal Democrats.

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