All that mouth noise is a nice touch.
Bull. Just plain bull.
Seriously, someone needs to get that girl a glass of water.
"Don't buy that stupid stuff they b sellin ya!"

Buy my stupid stuff instead!

I hope she starts a feud with a rival old white lady christian rap crew.

"My strudel be bomb, yo! Step off 'fore I throw some mad beats, bible verses and bullets your way."
"Your strudel taste like ass, bitch! Y'all know bitches be all up in my turnovers, praisin with crumbs still all up in they unbleached granny 'staches."
"Someday you gonna die, BRO, then where ya gonna go?"

Good grief.

Christians, look here- Most of us not-so religious types smell a rat when you try to scare us your way. I would think that, gee, I dunno, THE correct religion if there is one would be above that, and that their followers would be above this too.

I watch CNN often, I STILL don't understand why so many in this newer generation of Christians hate CNN. What do they want CNN to do differently?! I don't like them either but it's because they're a timid corporatist news organization way too fixed on infotainment and what the fringe minority of teabaggers have to say this week.
Oh, and she gives props to FOX in this same rap. FOX viewers and fundamentalist Christianity seem to be collating into the same cult. I wonder what the history books will have to say about this era, decades from now
I like that she even has the requisite bling on her wrist. Because everyone knows Jesus loves bling.
logos up!
Republicans are so edgy.
As a progressive (pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-health care) and a Christian (pro-loving our neighbors as our selves) who doesn't buy into the need to be born again, I don't see what's offensive about this. I don't agree with her message, but it's spunky and fun, and her right to free speech is just as important as mine.

@6, she didn't come to your house and do it, so why do you feel like she's trying to scare you?
Whatever, I'm going to Riverworld when I die.
Not to be too simplistic, but there are kinda two types of Christians.

Type A:
1) The Bible's origin is a divine product with divine authority.
2) Biblical interpretation is literal-factual.
3) The Bible's functions as a revelation of doctrine and morals.
4) Christian life emphasis is about an afterlife and what to believe or do to be saved.

Type B:
1) The Bible's origin is a human response to God.
2) Biblical interpretation is historical and metaphorical.
3) The Bible function is metaphorical and for sacramental purpose.
4) Christian life emphasis is about transformation in this life through a relationship with God.

This creative little rap might mean a lot to Type As, and very little to Type Bs. Thus, I can't see it having a great impact on those who don't share the faith or an interest in learning about it. Just my $0.02.
I lasted 8 seconds. I can't stand to watch any more. It hurts. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's her speech pattern?
Can we all just agree that rap is not even remotely cool or hip anymore and hasn't been for a long time? Maybe if everybody agrees on this point, idiots like this lady will stop rapping in order to appear cool and hip.

An end to rapping babies, chihuahuas, lizards and toilet brushes would be another nice side effect.

What's her hurry?
I watched it on mute and it's fucking hilarious. Exactly like my sister-in-law when she's tweaking on huge amounts of Phentermine. But I wish my sister-in-law had a mute button.
It sounds a lot more like slam poetry than rap to me.

And, Kim in Portland, I think you're on to something there.
I only made it to 0:07. Ick.
@11: +1 Internets.

No, she didn't come into anyone's home to sell her spiel, but the scare-tactic approach (and that's precisely what it is, an appeal to one's fear of the unknown) IS nevertheless a fairly common one for a certain type of Christian.

The O.T. Jehovah was all about teh scary: blowing up cities, turning rubberneckers into pillars of salt, ordering followers to murder their own children, tossing one of his own creations into a fiery pit for all eternity - seriously, the dude makes your typical serial-killer seem like an amateur in comparison. Plus there's the whole, "if you don't bow down to me, YOUR ass is gonna end up in that fiery pit for all eternity" to boot.

Really, it's little wonder that many people with poor self-confidence or weak wills would be scared into their belief, since the very ability to believe in such an entity requires setting aside ones rationality, and constant appeals to fear can be a very effective means of breaking down whatever rational responses these individuals might otherwise have.

But, just because such tactics don't work on some of us, doesn't mean we lack the ability to recognize them for what they are...
I find it sad. All these people find religion out of fear of death. Get over it, you are going to die. What happens? That is the big mystery. Either you will be aware of it or not. But just quit trying to sell religion based upon fear of death. Not all of us live fear based lives.
I made it 44 seconds. I think this lady is too familiar with television shows.
Not looking. not looking. not gonna.

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