What does Baconcat think? Well, first off: yum.

Secondly: pix pls.
ick. i mean, really. i know that may sound strange coming from me. but still. I.C.K.
I actually don't care about the content--eat it or not, so what--but more that my boyfriend and I had a discussion about the spelling of the noun "come" or "cum" and what Dan would say. I still maintain that cum is the noun, come is the verb, but will default to Dan here. Too bad the boyfriend didn't bet me...
Most guys try it at some point.

I have no data on how many do it regularly, but it's less gross than mucophagy and science has shown that lots of people do that, so I assume it's plenty.
Sorry, but I adore the gays, wouldn't suspect my boyfriend of being gay in this situation, and would STILL be completely weirded out. That's just disturbing.
Yes. It's weird. And icky. And why is that? Because cum is nasty.
Sorry, I've been spelling it "cum" since Dan was an altar boy, and I'm not going to change now.

And Dan's right in his response. While this certainly isn't "normal," it's a long, long way from "weird."
Proper or not, I prefer cum to describe male ejaculate vs come. Blame it on my thorough immersion in all forms of pornography, trashy upbringing, teh internets, whatever. As a word, come just doesn't hold the naughty, sexy feeling that cum does for me.
I would be a bit more concerned about the masturbating in inconvenient places.
Let's face facts: Most guys have tried it at some point unintentionally. I mean, getting in the grove, and at the right time, forgot to close your mouth, and then wham-oh, you've just tasted your own spunk. Or am I the only guy that has regular over the shoulder on to the wall behind me (or, depending where I'm pointing, across the room) jo experiences?!?
I think it's more akin to someone eating their boogers after picking their nose. Kind of a gross thing to do and generally thought of as icky but for the most part non-sexual (unless of course he's totally into it).
It's weird to eat your own secretions...I mean many, or most lactating women probably try their own breast milk out of curiosity. But to do it on a routine or even occasional basis? Weird. And probably pretty rare. It's like drinking your own breast milk. Not wrong. Not gross. But unusual. Oh, and he knows that he's lying when he says it's common.
Or swallowing your own spit. That's sick yo.
Where's a nice clean disposable Kleenex hand towel when you need one??
If he isn't insisting she spell come correctly, he's straight.
I agree that when a man comes, cum is the result. Therefore, "coming" is correct, but never "cumming." So after her boyfriend comes, he eats his cum.

If it (presumably) isn't disgusting to her for HER to swallow it, why should it be disgusting for HIM to? I've always seen the reverse (guy wants her to swallow but it "turns his stomach" to think about it himself) as not-at-all disguised misogyny (with a related dash of homophobia.)

Guy sounds pretty well balanced, at least on this issue.
I agree with giffy (@9), the interesting thing in this is the masturbation in inconvenient places and positions. I'm less concerned and more interested in stories, though.
In my experience, most gay guys spell it cum. Sorry Dan but this has become the common spelling. At some point you'll have to give in and start spelling it like the rest of us.
1) I cannot for the life of me know what that must taste like.

2) I avoid the come/cum schism by just calling it splooge.
My boyfriend would never get a chance to eat his own cum because I'd beat him to it. You are a lame girlfriend.
What the fuck does the fact that she's in love have to do with anything at all? I agree, she sounds lame, and generally undeserving of his inconvenient positions and places.
I'm a little surprised a guy who enjoys masturbating in "inconvenient" places doesn't plan ahead and bring a pocketful of kleenex. Maybe he likes the taste of jizz and is embarrassed his girlfriend will think he's gay.
A inconvenient truth apparently
@20 - You certainly seem to be taking sides in the spooge/splooge schism

Also, using the word 'schism' in this argument makes it sound like a dirty/sexy word in and of itself.
It *could* be that she's concerned about him possibly being gay, but it could also just be surprise. I'm not totally grossed out by jizz, but I'm not just dying to lap it up, either. I do it because it's a sexy favor for my partner - he gets to have my mouth on his shaft all the way up until orgasm, for one thing. Most of the women I know feel the same way, and so I think most of them would be surprised to find out if their husbands voluntarily ate man-juice without the "I do it all for you, honey!' aspect.
What @23 said. Is it really that hard to carry a spare Kleenex in your pocket or your jacket? This sounds like he actually likes to eat it and is pretending he doesn't.
He definitely told you to attract or repel you - I doubt that it was a casual remark for him, even if he did frame it that way. He may be gauging your response for the future. Lots of guys won't even kiss a person who has just perfored fellatio to completion. Some guys really do get aroused by it, and some even like to perform cunnilingus on a woman they've just ejaculated inside. To each their own, but any man with me needs to 1) not masturbate in a place where their best clean-up option is to lick it up (ewww!! of of what?!? The keyboard? the desk? steering wheel? the floor??) and 2) wash that mouth out before they kiss me if they're just into eating their own cum.

I think that "ejaculate" is the correct word. "Cum" looks childish to me. "Come" is just what one has done after "coming" so shouldn't it be "went"??
An extensive discussion of the spelling:…

Sneak preview: "cum" is baloney.
An extensive discussion of the spelling:…

Sneak preview: "cum" is baloney.
@25: It's all about onomatopoeia. It sounds funnier to say "splooge", it keeps it an abstract concept, and rug-munching dyke, abstract is good enough for me.

On "schism": your mind, not mine, is in the gutter.
@32: On that last bit — as a rug-munching dyke — clearly talking about yours truly. Long day.
It's CUM. Get over it, Dan.
Spelling it "cum" has the added benefit of eliciting snickers every time I read suma cum laude. "Come" is just too commonly used to be appropriately euphemismy.
of course he likes to eat it. good grief people, come isn't that hard to hide. and yes it should be spelled come, in both verb and noun forms, 'cum' looks sad, desperate, and disingenuous, like someone who really needs everyone to know how crazy taboo something their talking about is. come in a word, cum is a misspelling.

this girl's attitude is mildly homophobic but not that out of the ordinary. it would make sense to me i guess if her boyfriend doesn't like the taste of pussy. personally, i don't see what all the fuss is about, i've fucked girls, gone down on them, fucked them some more, come in their mouths, and then made out with them. pretty sure i tasted myself somewhere in there. don't have a problem with that.

my ex used to eat his come out of my pussy after sex and it was the hottest thing ever! what's so weird about him eating his come? i guarantee almost every guy has tasted his own come, just like every girl has licked her fingers clean after fingering herself. it's normal curiosity. why's it weird for a guy to eat his own come when girls are expected to swallow the same substance willingly? and we're also expected to kiss guys immediately following's awfully hard to have your face down there and not get any juice on it...
The real question may be: Why don't we use .cum domains?

Not that I disagree, but I've always wondered why it is we think swallowing our own spit is gross. If you think about it, we're constantly swallowing our own spit. The only difference is that when it's gross, it's because it's left our mouths for a few seconds. An argument can probably be made for the germs it collects during those few seconds, but no different than the ones we breathe in all the time. So what is it exactly?
Even Hallmark can't figure out the spelling. They make a musical card that on the shelf reads "Come on Feel the Noise" but on the back of the card reads "Cum on Feel the Noise." I guess that latter spelling is more offensive.
For those of you who prefer "to cum" to "to come," how do you spell the past tense and past participle of "cum"?
As a girl, I enjoy swallowing because its a treat for my partner, not something I enjoy. I don't think this girl is worried her partner is gay, more that she's worried that his enjoying lapping up his own is abnormal. I don't stick my fingers up my vag and suck on them, that just doesn't seem to appetizing, so I wonder we he would want to. It just reminds me of dogs who eat their own barf...
@29 Would you be offended if he demanded that you wash *your* mouth out after going down on him? You just spent a significant amount of time sweating, spitting, and licking all over each other, but trace amounts of cum requires an immediate trip to the bathroom for Listerine?
I'm more with some commenters than I am with Dan... I'd always assumed 'cum' and 'cumming' were the proper spelling for signifying orgasm. 'Come' and 'coming' can qualify, but are more on the 'pg' use list of vocabulary.
Um, I think it's weird that he frames it as convenience? Seriously? Masturbating in an inconvenient place ... how often does that really come up? I dunno, I *guess.* But I'd be a little weirded out -- ditto if somebody told me they just ate their boogers because they didn't have a tissue. I wouldn't think you were a *freak*, but I'd be like, "Really? Is that your ... first instinct, or are you framing this as a last resort after vainly searching for a sink/trash bin/the outdoors?" Because first instinct is weirder.

I thought it was kind of strange to conclude she was terrified he was gay. How is it gay to eat your own cum? That's like saying a dude's gay because he touches his own cock. I mean, yes, lots of women make irrational conclusions, but still, couldn't you give her the benefit of the doubt here?
I only eat (drink?) my own when I suck myself off.
lets try this again:

"I only eat (Drink?) my own when I suck myself off."
Oh and: "come" is the verb and "cum" is the noun.
yay! some-one else eats their come as a clean-up strategy. definitely thought I was alone on that!
It's officially spelled "cum". I know, I hate it too. But language is democratic, and we lost the vote.
As someone who is too grossed out to eat my own cum, here's a question - what's the best way to get rid of those stubborn, pesky cum stains? Hydrogen peroxide?

I swear, once that stuff dries, it's like super glue.
@43 - Right there with you, dude - fear of cum is a serious flaw in a potential lover. Nothing kills a BJ like someone running for cover during that crucial moment.
1) This is hot


Anonymous, of course. Slog gods are you listening?
@40, The back of the card says "Cum" because that is how the song by Quiet Riot was spelled. I'm not sure they qualify as arbiters of English usage though :)
@51 Try putting damp washcloth on the spot, let it sit a few minutes, the rub it vigorously with the cloth. For a stubborn stain apply a dab of liquid soap to the dampened spot, the rub it out.

Oh, and make sure to use cold or lukewarm water. Hot water runs the risk of denaturing the protein in the ejaculate and setting the stain permanently.
I love how this thread has become more about descriptive vs. prescriptive linguistics and less about the content of the letter. :-D
So, in a population that one would think would be skewed towards comfort with sexuality and things sexual (this is SavageLoveland after all), the females STILL generally express disgust over male ejaculate. Once again, glad I'm gay...
Come is definitely the legit, etymologically derived form of the word, verb & noun alike.

"Cum" is internet slang and we can fight it if we want to. Thanks for your solidarity, Dan.

Oh and he might like it, or he may just be more comfortable with his own bodily fluids than the bulk of the Slog comment army. I taste my vagina all the time, esp before sex. It's the polite thing to do, am I right ladies?
Come is definitely the legit, etymologically derived form of the word, verb & noun alike.

"Cum" is internet slang and we can fight it if we want to. Thanks for your solidarity, Dan.

Oh and he might like it, or he may just be more comfortable with his own bodily fluids than the bulk of the Slog comment army. I taste my vagina all the time, esp before sex. It's the polite thing to do, am I right ladies?

I bet sex must be really hot n heavy and uninhibited if you are worried about getting yourselves all over each other, pfft. So glad I am not as neurotic as that.
@ 59 - For the record, I don't feel particularly strongly about this particular debate, but here goes:

First, from Wiki: "Etymology is the study of the history of words and how their form and meaning have changed over time." Yes, I know Wiki isn't necessarily the most reliable source out there (though its far more reliable than most people give it credit for), but it's a nice, concise, generally accepted definition. The most salient part of that definition: how their form and meaning have changed over time. Arguing that "come" is "etymologically derived" while "cum" isn't is, frankly, absurd - "cum" is itself derived from "come." That's a perfect example of etymology.

Second, a word isn't a word until it is. I know, very, Yogi Berra, but it really gets to the heart of the matter. Spellings, usage, grammar, all change over time, and they change with use. Arguing that something is by definition a false or incorrect word just because its "slang" eviscerates the very heart of etymology. So vnleff yov also want to throw ovt the letter "u" and ftart vfing "f" in place of a lowercafe "s" (not to mention bringing back "thee" and "thou" for the informal, singular second-person), I'd be wary about labeling one set of words and spellings as "legit" over another without making an independent case.

It's fair to say that "cum" hasn't yet come (no pun intended) into completely accepted usage, so I suppose you can "fight" it if you like. And I'm sure independent reasons exist for keeping it that way (though, frankly, I like the way "cum" is differentiated from other, more general uses of the word "come"). But language evolves over time, and what starts off disregarded as mere slang frequently becomes accepted "proper" language. But making a prima facie case by saying that "come" is the only "legit" spelling, well, doesn't really make much of a case.

(I really, really hope that didn't come across as hostile. I'm not trying to attack you - hell, I get annoyed with a lot of net-isms myself. But I thought this was worth engaging.)
Thank you for correcting her on the spelling. "Cum" only belongs in Latin Honors.

However, my first instinct when she signed herself concerned was not that she was worried about his heterosexuality. I figured she was just concerned about his sanity. It makes sense, since our culture generally views things expelled by the body to be disgusting garbage. The usual exception to this rule is when people are turned on by the discharge in question, but he says he isn't turned on. Hence the concern.

But I have to agree with some other commenters: Where are these "inconvenient places" and why is there no accessible kleenex/trash can? Riding the subway? Why does he keep returning to them? And what on earth qualifies as an "inconvenient position?" Driving? Skydiving? So many questions. But hey, maybe THAT'S the part that turns him on (the inconvenience).
@ 59 (cont.) - As a side note, "come" is itself slang in this context. If we want to get really proper/technical here, we ought to go with "orgasm," "ejaculate," and "semen."
@ Anne, don't feel particularly strongly, eh?

Methinks you doth protest too much. I guess I can look up entries on Wikipedia too, but I have to go eat someone's come right now. Feel free to spell "cum" any way you please -- since I'm not having cybersex in an AOL chatroom with you, your use of internet slang is none of my concern, even if you want to call it correct.
Non-disgusted female here who can't understand what all the fuss is about. I don't quite understand how you make the jump from 'eats his own come' to 'is secretly gay.' And what's with all the fear of bodily fluids and making people wash out their mouths? If you're gonna be skeeved out by someone's ejaculate, maybe you shouldn't be having sex with that person? Loosen up, people.

And my vote is for 'come.'
One more vote for come = verb; cum = noun. Although I'm more likely to use the word jizz (but never jism!).

I don't understand why most people are totally OK with wet sloppy makeout sessions and all the various permutations of oral sex, but get grossed out by ejaculatory fluid. It's just cum.
@46 Me too. (I only eat it when I blow myself) It's quite convenient, and saves some trees.

@58 The Old English word was "cumen" actually, so etymologically you can justify spelling it with a u, perhaps even more than an o, since it acquired an *irregular* spelling during Middle English for some reason. So, if one was inclined to look to etymology to justify all their uses, cum would be fine. Not that I think it matters, I spell it cum for the same reasons most of the other people have said.

And so þou canst seen þat þere ne ys no reason to be so concern'd wiþ what ys most proper in spelling, for Inglish spelling maketh little sense in ðe first.
@46 Me too. (I only eat it when I blow myself) It's quite convenient, and saves some trees.

@58 The Old English word was "cumen" actually, so etymologically you can justify spelling it with a u, perhaps even more than an o, since it acquired an *irregular* spelling during Middle English for some reason. So, if one was inclined to look to etymology to justify all their uses, cum would be fine. Not that I think it matters, I spell it cum for the same reasons most of the other people have said.

And so þou canst seen þat þere ne ys no reason to be so concern'd wiþ what ys most proper in spelling, for Inglish spelling maketh little sense in ðe first.
Seriously, I can't believe I'm reading this comment discussion on slog. Cum is just another body fluid of many that gets regularly gets sprayed and/or swallowed during sex. What's the deal on it being gross to eat? Especially your own! Hmmm, would I mind eating my booger, or someone else's?

I'm a straight guy who eats my own come. Anyone who is prepared to eat pussy or even engage in sex should get over it.
i like to watch...
and ...ummmm.. can we have a poll on this ?. i'm curious...
I don't understand what is supposed to be so gross about this. I mean I'll happily lick spooge off of my hand after giving my bf a handjob. So why shouldn't he do the same thing?
It's always baffled me that some of the guys I know don't eat their come. I mean, I've had boyfriends who did stuff like eat their boogers, pee in the shower, leave streaks in their underwear, chew their nails off (rather than clip them and throw the clippings in the trash) . . . but every single one of my boyfriends has reacted with shock/ disgust/ confusion when the question of eating come arose.

It's not like those were habits I was immediately aware of -- the type of little personal quirks that you don't know until you've gotten to know a person really well.

And just to clarify, the come question usually arose after a blow job when I'd swallowed. So it wasn't like I had a mouthful of come I was trying to pass back to them, it was like there might possibly be a trace on my lips, and they'd freak out at the idea of kissing me. Which usually made me laugh -- "What, you'll pick your nose or eat your toenails, but kiss your girlfriend after a bj? Because you might taste come? No way, that's just a step, a step too far."

I don't get it. If you're willing to eat other bodily secretions, why would come disgust you?
I have never heard of a guy eating his own ejaculate as a clean up strategy in my entire life. If we wants easy clean up, do it into the toilet!
@60. Gold Star Comment. Language is not right or wrong. It is a tool of expression based our common agreement on, among other things, vocabulary and spelling. I still use the serial comma and the plural omitting the S for words like "Dr. Seuss' book." Because this punctuation was correct when I learned it does not mean that it is necessarily correct now. Language is constantly in flux. It can not be approached with any dogmatic fundamentalism. If most people say "cum" than that has become the accepted term.
As a foreign speaker, what grosses me out here is not the eating _cum_ part, but the _eating_ cum part. As if you need a spoon to work thru your bowl of cum. Icky, indeed. Licking/sucking the drop/drops of cum from your fingers after you're finished - not so icky at all. May be hot, may be convenient, not a big deal.

Same for cunnilingus. "Eating her pussy?" Sheesh. Get over your food addiction already, Americans.
Hate to tell you guys, but not all of the gays swallow. I've dated boys that are all funny about swallowing and won't kiss after I swallow without the listerine break.
I just feel like this is a non-issue. If you are blowing some guy and he expects you to swallow, it's fine. Do you think that it turns into poison or something when he consumes it himself? I just don't think it's that weird. I've been with many guys that do this.
For anyone asking, any place that is not three feet away from a sink or a tissue or a sock is an inconvenient place to masturbate. I try my best to catch it all on my hand so I can take it to a sink or a paper towel, and it's a pain in the ass even when I manage to do so, never minding when I lose control and it ends up all over me. If you're wearing clothes, you have to hold everything away from ground zero to avoid greater contamination. If you're using a laptop to look at porn, you have to move that somewhere with the hand that's not covered in jizz. And of course that's when the cat wants attention too.

So it's not like he's masturbating in an Escher painting or the dairy aisle. Pretty much any place that's not the bathroom or bedroom is inconvenient. I don't want to eat it, though, so I make the trek every time.
There's nothing wrong with fucked up turn ons. That being said... that is some fucked up shit.
I've been disposing of my cum by eating it for 20 years.

It's the most efficient way of getting rid of it without more mess.

Plus, it's a nice, light snack.
Plus, my cum is nice.

Why would I disrespect it by mixing it up with a gym sock or washing it down the sink??

Seriously. Eating is the only way to go. Anything else is neurotic.
I used to cum into my hand and eat it for years, purely for cleanup, not as a turn-on. But my method was stupid: I would squeeze my dick closed as I came, and only once I was done I'd let it out into my hand and eat it. (It's kind of hard to come into your hand otherwise, unless you're standing up I guess.) I stopped once I realized that it feels much better to actually ejaculate while having an orgasm so I've been using kleenex ever since.
what #81 said!
Personally, I think it's a little gross but this whole conversation misses the big point (I think ILBC missed the point too) of this email.
I don't believe anyone eats come (or cum if you prefer) purely out of convenience. This was his way of telling her that he's into eating his own come. He was testing her to see if she was grossed out by it so he'd find out if she would indulge him. Maybe he's into snowballing. She was obviously somewhat grossed out by it so they probably won't be playing that game in the future.

BTW, Where is he masturbating that's so inconvenient he doesn't even have a paper towel or napkin?
I've had boyfriends who like to go down on me after they've come inside me. I always thought that was very considerate of them, especially if I hadn't gotten off yet. Takes care of me, and saves me from having to grab a towel/t-shirt to catch the drips. I never thought it was weird, so I wouldn't think it was strange if one of them cleaned up after himself by eating his own. We ladies don't make quite as much of a mess when we masturbate, but I can only imagine what it must be like to have to deal with all that spooge on a regular basis.
I wonder if ILBC considers it freaky or gross to have her boyfriend come up for a big kiss when his face is smeared with her juice after he eats her?
*rolls eyes* I don't think ejaculatory fluid is disgusting, per se. I just don't like the idea of "eating" anything that comes off/from/out of a human body, as opposed to simply getting it in my mouth or on my face.

I get hairs in my mouth sometimes, but I'm not going to eat them. Does that mean I find hair -- either pubic or off the scalp -- *disgusting*? No. I just don't like mixing the human body and this concept of *consumption.* Bleagh. Context matters. I'm also down with making out, and if it gets a little slobbery, OK. But if you spit or start dribbling your saliva in my mouth or HACK A LOOGIE IN, yeah, let's ... stop.

And yes, I understand this is nitpicking, but it's weird to swallow come/cum that isn't deposited fresh into my mouth. I find swallowing hot, but I don't keep it in there for more than a second or two. Maybe because a delay makes it less of an inevitable part of a sex act and more like eating food? Dunno.

I think this is connected to my distaste for mixing food and sex in general. Licking my BF's body = awesome. Licking chocolate syrup off him = not awesome.
@78 Holy crap...the complications.....I had no idea... Can't believe men haven't come (heh) up with something to deal with this inconvenience, some sort of "blow on the go" device. Dragon's Den, anyone?
@85: "I wonder if ILBC considers it freaky or gross to have her boyfriend come up for a big kiss when his face is smeared with her juice after he eats her?"

I find it gross, but mostly because I don't like the sensation of stickiness on my face in general (I have this weird thing about my face), not because I'm worried I've been turned into a lesbian.
@39 wtf are you talking about

I assumed @14 was being humorous but seriously, 39 get thee to a biology class.
@ 63 - I meant that I don't feel particularly strongly about "come" vs "cum." They're both widely used spellings and, depending on the context, get the point across pretty clearly. I do feel pretty strongly about descriptive linguistics. And the only thing in my comment from my wiki entry was the definition, because it was nice and concise. If you prefer other definitions, have at it:

Oxford English Dictionary:
etymology - /ettimollji/ - noun (pl. etymologies) an account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word.

American Heritage:
et·y·mol·o·gy –noun, plural -gies.
1. the derivation of a word.
2. an account of the history of a particular word or element of a word.
3. the study of historical linguistic change, esp. as manifested in individual words.

et·y·mol·o·gy - 1 : the history of a linguistic form (as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts, by identifying its cognates in other languages, or by tracing it and its cognates to a common ancestral form in an ancestral language

What, precisely, do I protest too much? I said outright I prefer "cum" to "come."

I don't have a problem with using "come" (seeing as its precise meaning would, one would hope, be apparent from the context). I don't have a problem with someone disagreeing with me on a linguistic point. I do have a problem with someone dismissing a calm, and frankly nerdy, comment on linguistics as a wikipedia copy-paste. Why the hostility? Just because I called you out on the inconsistency of saying "come" is "etymologically derived" where as "cum" isn't? Etymology is the study of how words come to be and change over time. Once again - the derivation of "cum" from the more generally used "come" is itself an example of etymology.

As a side note, I can't tell whether you were being ironic when you used "cybersex in an AOL chatroom" in the same sentence that you proceeded to dismiss "use of internet slang." I suspect not, but if so, well done.
@89 Seriously! Is that why I have to dodge spit on the sidewalk? Because idiots like @39 think it's too gross to swallow? Not cool, guys.
oh my god...I am utterly shocked and disgusted to find out that "many" straight guys do this, or most have tried it at some point....I don't care how much I love my boyfriend, if he told me that he did that I would never find myself attracted to him ever would be over for sure. i'm just going to wonder if he is one of those "many" guys...
@86 - YES! This is almost exactly how I would say it. I've gotten hairs in my mouth from going down on my wife, and I quietly swallow them if possible. But I'm not a fetishist where every time she shaves I get off on eating the hair.

I've tasted my own ejaculate just to see what it tasted like. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't unpleasant. Just really salty and slimy. It has a stronger taste than pussy by far, but I only have a sample size of 1 for each of those. Plus there's a lot more saliva mixed in when I'm licking her pussy.

I've licked my wife's pussy after ejaculating in it, but because I was laying down it slid down my throat funny and made me cough. And we're usually too exhausted afterwards to move around much. :)

I've never seen the point of insisting on swallowing. Having anything spurt down your throat is going to be unpleasant. I wouldn't like it if someone squirted chocolate down the back of my throat, why would I do that to my wife?
I've had (apparently more than) my share of experience tasting spunk, and find that most guy's product is delicious. (It may say as much about my taste in men, and their dietary / lifestyle choices.) I consider it the tasty payoff for my cocksucking efforts. Guys who don't want to kiss after for fear of getting some of their own spunk on their lips, will probably not have a second date with me.
Eating your own come is no more disgusting than swallowing excess mucus when you have a cold. It's definitely a lot sexier.
@74: Suggest you read this:…. Also, "Dr Seuss'" is not plural, it's possessive. Sorry, I'm a former editor and proofreader. Hard to let things like that go.

And @78, thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.
I don't see what the big deal is. It's neither dangerous nor disgusting. If I had a partner who thought it was "Ew, icky! That's icky! Ew, yukky, gross!" I'd tell them to grow up and open their eyes.

I'm surprised there are so many uptight commenters who are so uncomfortable with human biology here.
ILBC: He says that this is normal and that lots of guys do it. He also says that it doesn't turn him on, but rather he does this out of convenience.

I'm sure lots of guys have tried it at least once. I have. A long time ago I had a girl friend who said she found the taste of come disgusting. Thinking it couldn't be that that bad, I decided to try it (conclusion: the taste is never gonna replace bacon, coffee, raspberries or curry, but it wasn't disgusting either.)

But repeatedly? Hmmmm...I doubt "lots" of guys do it repeatedly. But if they do, so what? It doesn't mean they're "secretly gay" and it's not toxic. It's not like they're eating shit (which everyone but the most outre people can agree IS disgusting.)

I tend to agree with Root @ 84, "He was testing her to see if she was grossed out by it so he'd find out if she would indulge him."

@ 57 - I dunno, I'm a big fan of consuming ejaculatory fluids, just not my own. My sense is that most people on the comment board are skeeved out by the idea of the writer eating his own semen, not semen generally.

I could pretend to have a well-reasoned, articulate rationale for the distinction, but I don't. It's honestly just a visceral reaction.
The bf is lying. But that doesn't mean he's gay, or even bi, just has a fetish for it.

I wouldn't worry, but don't keep bugging him about it unless you don't like him kissing you after he comes in your mouth.
86/Gloria: I'm also down with making out, and if it gets a little slobbery, OK. But if you spit or start dribbling your saliva in my mouth or HACK A LOOGIE IN, yeah, let's ... stop.

Oh man, you've touched on one of my favorite erotic things: a woman slowly giving me her saliva while we kiss. It's a recent favorite too. Never did it until three years ago when I was with a woman who was a very sexy kisser. It just happened one time during a particularly passionate kiss and I got really turned on. She didn't want me doing it to her (which was fine with me) but she was very happy to indulge me.

I wouldn't find spitting or hacking a loogie to be erotic. But slowly taking in your lover's saliva, especially if she really knows how to kiss, is hot. Highly recommended!

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