This was my second favorite piece at SEAF. My favorite piece—my favorite suitable for hanging-on-the-wall piece—was a delicate little line drawing of a couple of satyrs doing something stupid and dangerous. I can't describe in any detail without ruining it. Go find it. My favorite interactive piece was Ellen Forney and Jacob Peter Fennell's brilliant "Love Note." You sit at a small writing desk, pen a short love letter (lovely thick paper provided), and then tuck your note into the pocket of any one of a dozen pillows resting on a large bed. But before you can tuck your note in the pocket of the pillow you've selected, you have to remove the last love letter left in the pillow. That love note—left by someone you don't know for someone you don't know—is yours to read and to keep. It's a charming piece. Here I am filling out my love note last night while Ellen watches from a safe distance...


And my favorite piece of ass—besides the one I arrived with—belonged to the boy burlesque dancer in the tutu. Daaaaamn.

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival is a unique event and a great time. Get down there. It's at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall through Sunday. More info at