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sweat of his brow?

,,, right ...
When someone makes a really huge house, it should at least look beautiful on the outside. This thing combines the worst of modern bland opulence with a poorly done attempt to recreate the look of a historic edifice. Terrible.
bellevue french faux chateau bleah.

Are The Beatles public domain?
He did work as a lawyer for a while prior to joining the justice department.

Also, 'old' money makes all the difference. No need for him to be on the take if his mother made bank during her time in office and the family money helped finance his education and lifestyle.
Gah! The interior design on this monstrosity is appalling.
Born well-to-do and Mammy probably left him a shit-wad o' money after 12 years in DC, doncha think?
You can't buy taste, that's for sure. This house is a dog, inside and out. I'll take my teensy-tiny tasteful house any day. We play better music here, too.
Ever wonder about the impact on global warming from big houses? Because 40 percent of all such emissions are from heating and cooling buildings, and their construction ...

Even if you source organic fair-trade eco-friendly bamboo, that's a lot of impact.
@6 Not nearly as appalling as the music. *ugh* Those are nightmare arrangements.
Location, location, location. Not impressed.
Dear god, that kitchen is fugly. And that poor Spinnet piano probably hasn't been touched by a loving hand since its adolescence.

Dear rich people: less pillows on the bed, please. Your bedroom is not a historically preserved presidential suite. It should look like you fuck in it at least twice a year.
You can't buy good taste...or apparently, even halfway decent taste. What a horrible shithole of sybaritic excess.
He has the cutting edge taste of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower.
Well yes, very gay- but not as gay as that rendition of the Long and Winding Road...

It's gay because the rooms are spacious enough for Danskin clad groups of men to breakout into any (and every) Broadway Musical ever written...

Plenty of room for plea's, rondejambe's, pirouette's and Demi-plea's... Oh, and homo$exual orgies...

The theme music was stolen from the 1985 Miss Texas Pageant evening gown competition.
Remarkably like Rush Limbaugh's prancing-nelly-queen/Ludwig II pad.
I hate that stark look you get with huge windows and no curtains, and that awful upholstery on the chairs in the living room has got to go (especially since it doesn't go with the carpet...)
Well even if Dunn is gay, his interior designer is straight. This looks terrible.
Whenever I see houses like this all I can think of is "low-rent Mussolini".
Is the decorator color-blind? What a horrific eyesore. I despise McMansions.
As horrid as this place is, and even though it's in the middle of nowhere, I'd bet the market price was not $1.6 million two or three years ago. Something is fishy here. Foreclosure?
@22, yes it was. Dunn bought it in 2006 for $1,575,000.

To answer the question of where the money came from, it's not just his congresswoman mom. His daddy was a CEO and his wife is one of Seattle's richest heiresses.
This should be the campaign video for anyone who runs against him. What a vulgarian.
But wait, he's a Christian and we all know that Jesus lived in a big house with lots of servants...

oh, never mind.

What a douche head!
I forgot how much house you get for your dollar in the Pacific Northwest...

Granted it's a lot of ugly-ass house.
@19 LOL!
Does Dunn sing in the Seattle Men's Chorus? If not, he stole their music.
pretentious triplewide w/slideouts. maple valley?
I'm sure plenty of liberals have interior decors that many would find objectionable. What's bizarre in this case is that he would release a sales video of his home during a campaign for higher office. Who is his campaign advisor, Dwight Pelz?

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