I like warrior princesses. Joan of Arc, Xena, She-Ra.. pretty much all of them.
au contraire, ms. west. perhaps the most honest pope EVAH. the widow of Rainier was HAAHT.
Papal history is so much better with music:
Sergeant Buzfuz - Here come the Popes - parts 1 through 4

Here's Part 3:…
Countdown of popes met in the airport! Listomania!
A really shitty pope? Sounds like the most fun one I've ever read about. Aside from the blinding and castrating other people, but hey those were the dark ages, EVERYBODY was doing that shit! Drunken fornication, gambling, hunting, invoking other gods, what's so bad about that? At least he wasn't butt fucking the alter boys.
The fact that they call that whole period from Sergius III to him the Pornocracy is pretty amazing.

Then of course there were things like this:…
I'm reminded that popes were basically Roman Emperors. Then it's easier to compare him to Caligula or Tiberius.
Sounds like a plot in a time travel comedy.

He was a world-famous musician, surrounded with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll... until one day, he stumbled across a rift in time/space and now... (record needle scratch)... he's a medieval pope!

Tagline: Good God, let's party!
Not defending this particular asshole Pope, but Contemporary religious leaders of Islam, like Al-Qahir, the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 932 to 934 and his successor Ar-Radi were also dicks. Are they fair game? Or just Popes?
Lindy, I think you mistyped that last line. I'm pretty sure it should have read, "Pope John XII: Infallible."
@9, Islamic history from the 10th century is just not quite as well known here in the West whereas Catholic history is. Do you really think Slog, which has posted "The Cartoons" many times is avoiding offending Muslims?
Hmmm. I think I'm gonna like this worst-pope countdown.
@10, infallibility wasn't invented until the 19th century, so technically you can't say that he was, unless he's retroactively infallible.
Yes but who knows how much of this stuff really happened? There's not a lot of historical record and the documents that have survived might have all been written by his political enemies and are not written with today's standards of scholarship.

This is what is said about where this information is coming from:…

@6 Sounds like a good "Hump" plot.
@14 Considering we are talking about an organization entirely based on things that never really happened it seems fair.

Plus these stories are better than the ones they peddle.
Just wait til we get to the Borgia pope and the Dance of the Chestnuts...
Aside from the blinding and killing/castrating, the other stuff is just him giving the middle finger to the Church. So I guess it depends on whether you want to compare him to other popes, or just douchebags in general. I don't give a rat's ass about someone "toasting to the devil", but inflicting pain/death on some undeserving person makes me yearn for the eye-for-an-eye days.

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