Uh, Facebook started hiring for its Austin office back in March. And they are opening offices up all over the world.

Wherever you are getting information, you need to get more of it.
They're hoping that by being closer to Microsoft, they'll be able to passively absorb more evil.
Nobody cares about Austin, other than the gin-soaked music crowds.
“Minor leagues”?
Capitol Hill definitely lacks good office space for mid-sized companies. I hope a few floors of it are included in the TOD site come 2016.
Then I suppose you have something in common with Austin, Will. Except the music part.
Minor leagues of tech? what place other than Silicon Valley has such a high density of tech companies as Seattle?
All in service of helping my sister let the world know what she ate for breakfast and how she feels about it.
#8 - Raleigh-Durham is one, but I don't think Seattle is minor league in tech either. What the Seattle area strangely lacks, however, is a top rated technology school (medical research, notwithstanding).
High downtown vacancy rates and dirt cheap rent has its advantages, I guess.

@6 - Zing!
Not to be too callous, but if you're an unemployed software engineer in Seattle, it's probably for a reason. There's no shortage of demand for good engineers here, but tech companies (primarily MSFT) took advantage of the recession to trim the fat and lay off the bad ones.
@9 UW is a top 5 Computer Science department.
@11 - Not to say that you probably aren't correct for the most part, but I'm fresh out of school with a lot of skill and no experience, and I'm having trouble finding software positions that are entry level or willing to give an unproven employee a chance yet.
Oh and thanks for this article. I just submitted my resume, and Facebook's application process is partially geared towards people in my exact position. This is really freaking exciting.
@1 first *engineering* office. the other office locations are sales-staff.
15, Hickey added that crucial bit of information after my comment. Originally, it just read "first office"- now his post is accurate.
Minor leagues? Seriously? Hey, I'm glad we're getting Facebook. Over the next couple years, I can see Facebook growing significantly as a company and I'd love to work for them. Fingers crossed.

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