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' grandma ..the nurse is here to give yo a sponge bath...'
'get that bulldagger outta here , all she wants to do is play with my pussy !'
Is that Oin or Gloin?
i have been seeing that advertisement everywhere! so happy i wasn't the only guy that thought it was a little bit late in the game for old gramps.
Lots of retirees go for their Masters or Doctorates before establishing careers that run for 20 or so years.

Keeps them from yelling at the kids about getting off their lawns, and their new homies from grad school get them invites to tagging events and backdoor passes to the latest hip-hop underground club, y'all ...
You are cute and funny. My kinda lady. Thanks for cracking me up.
Grandpa is too busy thinking about sex and worrying about the economy to have time to go back to school:…
Grandpa just wants to cyber with all of the single moms in class.
@8 - according to Nokia stats, that's EXACTLY what he's doing.

Maybe not as fast as teen texters, mind you.
Someone needs to take the art director who let this through (and let the client run over her or him) — With Every Word Being Capitalized [Augh]) — out to the back field for Fifty-Two Eighty to put out of her or his misery.
@10 You really don't understand. Many of these ads have pictures that don't match the message. The point is to get your attention and get you to click through and it is working. Other similar ads talk about getting your Obama money or qualifying for special refinancing and shows one of many crazy faces. The ads are working since many people these days are reluctant to click on Internet ads which is costing websites millions in lost revenue.
I know SLOG is the domain of the cool, young hipsters, but there is some life and adventure out there amongst us who are chronologically challenged.
No, no, Telsa - leave me out of this one.
@11: Yeah, I really don't understand. And I prefer not to begin wasting cognition on it. It's a graphic design failure. And with Zapf Chancery too tightly kerned, no less.
@13: Awwwwwwh. Phooey.
I'll see your kern, and raise you an umlaut.
Looks like Peter Graves?
Pointless and mean. Not all old people are senile and keeping up mental activity is known to delay senility. You are never too old to learn something. When you are old, Lindy, and kids make fun of you for being old, you will be sorry you wrote this and will wish you worked to make old people more welcome in society instead of using them as the butt of a stupid joke for cheap laughs.
@18.. and old people have no sense of humor , are really really really really sensitive..and never EVER laugh at themselves and their foibles...EVER !
make a note of it lindy..

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