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Dang, she was talented. Too bad, too; I had her pegged for Obama's next Supreme Court nomination, especially since Eartha Kitt isn't available any more.
A lovely and talented lady. R.I.P.
So beautiful. Great pipes as well.
hope you're next
How very sad. Although she didn't have the same iconic status as Judy, Bette or Barbra, she was an incredibly talented performer and a classy lady. It's so tragic that she faced the racial discrimination she did in the early part of her career. My condolences to her family and friends. And thank you, Lena.
A great one has left us. It's the law of life, especially at that age. May she R.i.p and her loved ones be given the confort that she's now in a better place in Heaven.
@5.. for some she did . reminds me of the scene in 'paris burning' where dorian corey talks about the women classic drag queens imitated ' really ' she says' we all wanted to be lena horne...we just didn't know it yet '
Wow... that's truly amazing. Why do I keep only finding out about people like this after they die?
What a beautiful person she was. 92 is a good old age; I hope she had a happy life.
Great Lady and a great singer. Have included a similar (if not the same video) on my FB page. I loved her activism

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