Conservatives are calling her "Obama's Harriet Miers." She's a centrist and liberals are upset that Obama isn't nominating a liberal in the mold of retiring Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens—which is going to result in a more conservative court—and they're not going to line up behind the appointment just because the right is attacking her. She a wise Jewish lady, she's single and always has been, she smokes cigars, and she sets off the dykedar of thinking people everywhere. She's also on the record saying that there's no constitutional right to same-sex marriage and her appointment could doom gay marriage when the issue arrives before the Supreme Court. And there are questions about her sexuality—questions Andrew Sullivan says are legit, and need to be answered:

We know she is Jewish, and it is a fact simply and rightly put in the public square. If she were to hide her Jewishness, it would seem rightly odd, bizarre, anachronistic, even arguably self-critical or self-loathing. And yet we have been told by many that she is gay ...and no one will ask directly if this is true and no one in the administration will tell us definitively. In a word, this is preposterous—a function of liberal cowardice and conservative discomfort. It should mean nothing either way. Since the issue of this tiny minority—and the right of the huge majority to determine its rights and equality—is a live issue for the court in the next generation, and since it would be bizarre to argue that a Justice's sexual orientation will not in some way affect his or her judgment of the issue, it is only logical that this question should be clarified.

This is going to be fun.