this scenario fits one of many that leave me absolutely terrified of our lieutenant governor, that fucker, brad owen.


i told you not to vote for him!
All the more reason to get signatures for that Sensible Washington initiative to Legalize MJ ... isn't their website as I recall?

Than he can huff and puff and shout at those young whippersnappers on their lawns - but be powerless to do a darned thing about it.
I call bullshit on this. Gregoire is being included any lists as a nice attaboy. She has no business being SG. All previous SGs are legal scholars of one stripe or another and most have a lot of experience in federal law, have clerked for prominent judges, been US Attorneys, etc. Gregoire has spent nearly 40 years working in Olympia.
Since the Senate will most likely confirm Kagan well before the August recess, there should be plenty of time to put Gregoire in the SG slot and then in turn slate the open seat on the November ballot.

The only question in my mind at this point is: to whom do we want to give the privilege of whupping Rossi's ass again?
This will not happen. Gregoire is a hack.
everyone knows Dow is the next guv'ner
Seattlites might as well get used to the idea of having a Republican governor at some point.

It's going to happen sooner than you'd think.
@5: Don't forget that Gary Locke got a gig in the Obama administration, and he was way, waaaaay less competent than Gregoire.
@8, boy, I don't know. That's a tough one. I'd kinda like to go back to the halcyon days of ol' Blue Ribbon Commission.
just what the administration needs is one more inept bitch ex-governer...
just to put this out there:, i'd vote for you in a heartbeat, brendan williams.
I know you guys never ever credit publicola, and god knows I'm not a fan either, but c'mon, you know you picked this up from them. Be the bigger man here, Dom.
I'd have to agree with those who don't think this is happening. Chris "Don't call me Christine" Gregoire is a classic hack, a big fish in small pond. Did she ever take a case to the SCOTUS when she was AG? I think that at least some experience with the high court is necessary for the SG gig. Or at least more stellar credentials than an Auburn High diploma, UW Law and a middling career in a state many consider inconsequential.

AHS '91 and proud of it!
Naahhh... I don't think so.

She's an okay governor. She was a pretty good state attorney general. But she's way under-qualified to be Solicitor General. Really, she peaked as WA attorney general.
On April 2, 2008, the King of Spain bestowed the Order of Isabella the Catholic (or Spanish knighthood) on Brad Owen.

Such a guy. Why wouldn't we want him as Governor?
@14 slight correction UW undergrad, Gonzaga Law School.

Dream on. Given the paucity of depth of the GOP gubernatorial candidates we've been subjected to in the last two decades, no one short of an old-school socially liberal, fiscally conservative Dan Evans style Republican would have a snow balls chance of winning in this state.
Thump, thump, thump goes the head on the desk. I really am sorry that I voted for her. She was the best AG I ever had to work with, nothing like Oregon's.

Now look at us, we can't shovel them to the other Washington fast enough.

Hey, on a side note, how many of you have been getting mail from our illustrious state legislators', telling you what a great job they think they did by raising taxes? There a stamp, I just loved paying for.
@17 Appreciate the correction. I am obviously too lazy to dig up such a hard to find fact. Gonzaga Law may be even more lightly regarded in fancy legal circles than UW Law. Sad, but that's the way clubbish societies are sometimes.
@8: And Ron Sims too.
There's another deadline in there to consider. From HorsesAss:

"Callaghan goes on to explain that a resignation before May 31 would result in a special election, both primary and general, whereas a resignation after May 31, but before October 3 would result in a November free for all."

A free for all scenario could result in something scarier than Gov. Owen: Gov. Rossi!

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