On May 6, three suspects allegedly assaulted two victims with a potato in Rainier Beach after allegedly slashing the tires of one victim's car, according to a filed police report.

Last Thursday at approximately 7:15 p.m., police officers responded to a complaint that three suspects had allegedly slashed the two passenger-side tires of a 1996 Chrysler Concord. Furthermore, while the victims were outside inspecting the damage, they claim the suspects returned and allegedly threw a potato at them out the window of a car. "I observed a potato lying in the middle of Rainier Pl S" states one officer in the report. The victims said they could identify the alleged potato thrower.

While they were speaking with officers, a car drove past, which the victims said belonged to the suspects. Officers stopped the vehicle and the report indicates its two occupants allegedly admitted to throwing the potato and slashing the car tires. One of the suspects also allegedly admitted to keying the word "Slut" into the victim's car on a previous occasion, according to the report.

The impetus for the slashings and "Slut" and potato-throwing is not specified in the report.