After yesterday's underage Single Ladies dance post, which was both awe-inspiring and sexually terrifying, I received this email from a local dance director:

FYI, this is an ongoing problem in the dance community, and has been for many years.
It is found in the competitive dance world (note, there are two different dance competition worlds. One is ballet and the other is what you're seeing). There are several local schools who participate in this sort of competition. For many years, there have been complaints and petitions to these competitions to stop letting this sort of thing be ok, but it continues.

I truly think that if there was coverage of this sort of thing in media that has nothing to do with dance, that there might start to be a change. It is wrong, just wrong at how these children are taught to strut in costumes that resemble strippers clothing.

Jessica Hamblen-Klepper
Director, Maple Valley School of Ballet

Which is good to know because last night they haunted my dreams. We were at a picnic, me and all the little single ladies, and they were doing what all single ladies do in public—fellate popsicles dance to Beyonce—while I handed out napkins and asked them to please cover up.