'when contacted for comments regarding the case, Leonard replied with thirty seconds of heavy breathing and a sound that can only be described as a muffled 'fap fap fap.'
99% of the time I am a firm believer of freedom of speech.

1% of the time I think you should be able to be arrested for being a dick.
Reminds me of the time we called all the jeremy thorpes in the phone book and asked them how they were similar to Captain Kirk: they bothe asked Scottie for more thrust.

For u peons, Google 'Jeremy thorpe Norman Scott'
So remember kiddies, when making obscene phone calls, make them all in-state via your own asterisk box.
I bet you could take his over 1500 calls (if they were recorded) and publish them, it would be the next Great American Novel.

Is this guy some kind of cave man who hasn't heard about the Internet...

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