Really? They "took took long to do so and should have reported the story sooner."

Either Q13's error or yours. Not surprised either way.
I just want to kick the fucking piss out of those crooked ass pigs.
I would hardly call Q13's apology "frank."
Maybe they didn't want to offend their sponsors, Corona Beer?
Guess they didn't want to admit racist cops were beating people up so close to their physical station location - it's just a couple of blocks away.
Guess we now know there are two crimes in Seattle - Driving While Black and Walking While Mexican - that will get you a beatdown even when you're innocent.
"appears [sic] to show a Seattle police officer"
"appears [sic] to stomp the man's kneecap"
"Cobane appears [sic] to stomp"
Get your stories straight idiots!!!! He resigned TODAY!!!!!! Shows how well all of you get your facts before posting. Doesn't matter what Q13 does, all of you will continue to speculate forever which ultimately continues the focus on the station. They'll like that.
See projected sucking directly above.
Now when are they going to cancel "Washington's Most Wanted"? Are they a news station or a police billboard? This is just getting started.
Remember, if you ever see a Q13 news van parked nearby, in an illegal spot, phone it in.
I work at Q13 and I can confirm (anonymously of course) that the decision to suppress the police brutality footage was made at the highest levels of station management in cooperation with their friends/co-workers in the Seattle Police Department. The footage was obviously hushed and not delayed interminably as Q13 management lied on the website. Nobody in our newsroom was working on a police brutality story last month, and SPD took no action at all on the incident until after KIRO aired the suppressed footage 19 days later. If we were doing a story on it, SPD would have officially known about the incident and they would have immediately suspended the officers involved, which they did as soon as the footage was leaked. Who suppressed it? KCPQ Station management: Pam Pearson, General Manager. Steve Kraycik, News Director. Tiffani Lupenski, Executive Producer. Erica Hill, Newsroom Manager. David Rose, Anchor and host of Washington's Most Wanted. The police officers who work closely with the Q13 staff specifically asked their contacts in Q13 management not to air or share the footage in any way. Management complied and refused to do anything with the footage, which is why Jud Morris posted it on YouTube. There are certainly text messages and phone calls, possibly also emails, following the incident which could prove this in court. In deciding not to air, or even publicly acknowledge, exclusive footage that was also evidence of police brutality, Q13 management complied with the spoken requests of their friends at SPD in order to preserve the exclusive nature of their working relationship with local law enforcement. Firing Jud Morris and Steve Kraycik is just another way for station management to cover their stupid unethical blunders. The entire management staff at Q13 and their cowardly friends at SPD should all be fired and also prosecuted for hiding evidence of a crime. I regret the disgraceful conduct of my bosses, and I encourage people to write to the FCC in order to foster a regime change at KCPQ, Inc. Democracy depends on a free press, so we need to send the corporate decision makers a message that this kind of conflict of interest will not be tolerated.

Get the cops out of the newsroom! Police already have too much power without the media lying for them. The people we trust to protect us must be held accountable.
To diss_gruntled: If you truly do work at the station as you claim, then I applaud you for speaking out. We truly need more people like you in the world if we are to ever have the true freedom to the actual news that happens in the world. I sincerely hope that you will keep your eyes and ears open and reveal anything that may try to be covered up at the station in the future.
Q13 EP Lupenski was immediately hired by the ABC affiliate in Portland as Assistant News Director.

In July, 2012 she was promoted to News Director.

Her honeymoon lasted about 6 months.

Now there are all sorts of ethics and journalistic integrity violations at KATU not only condoned by Lupenski but fully endorsed and rewarded by her.

What has happened to truth and integrity in journalism?

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