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I'm pretty sure any kid that asks for a printer for christmas is probably not getting too many e-mails worth printing out.
I want all my emails carved into stone.
All my printers print double-sided on recycled hemp using organic free-trade soy inkjet technology and Mayan crystals.
It's a good question: What the fuck does "PC Load Letter" mean?
@3 - actually, we can do that with 3D printers now.
@5 - it means the jerk before you used envelope feed to print an envelope or was printing on EU A4 paper.
This is so slimy - yet, just perhaps, it might contribute to children's literacy. They could reread their email and twitters, mark them up in - GASP - handwriting. Embellish them with some nice hand drawn graphics, etc. Fold them into paper airplanes and spitwads.

Anyway, paper is one the most recyclable materials we have. So I say print, print, print ... with a black ink laser printer, of course.
@1: Maybe I'm easily amused, but that actually made me laugh to the point of tears.

I chose my spouse based on his extreme nerd factor, and he came equipped with an HP laserjet. Sure, it cost more than $29.95 when he bought it ten years ago, but that thing has jammed exactly once in the four and a half years of our marriage. In the same amount of time my father, an unrepentent
cheapskate, has gone through three of those craptastic color inkjets. He'd have been better off burning 'em for fuel.
I have a networked big ass color duplexing laser, a inkjet multi-function and a dye-sublimation photo printer hiding in my hall closet.

I totally swear I am not a computer nerd, or a person that enjoys being wasteful and the because they are hiding in the hall closet 99% of people have no idea but sometimes you just really want a printed copy of things
What I want is a color laser multifunction with both duplex printing and duplex scanning. Basically I want a full size color office copier (the kind everyone wants to use but the bitchy penny-pinching office admin locks out to everyone but a select few who have provided sexual favors.) oh and it has to be PostScript compatible. Oh and wifi built in.

What they really need to do is come up with a printer that doesn't use fucking drivers, or makes it transparent to the user. Users shouldn't even have to know what a driver is. It should just work, especially since we have the technology.


Glad I could share The Oatmeal. Most of his comics are far funnier than they have any right to be.

My ex actually left me with a great old laserjet printer. That thing is awesome. The last inkjet I owned was an Epson 740 that I got new when I was sixteen, and I spent far too much time tricking that printer into using the last bits of its black ink, or thinking that it had a new color cartridge, just to print out one more paper while in college.
Forget the printer being crippled or robust. Let's talk about how the printer makers now make their money: overpriced cartridges.
Fuck Hearst, bring back hemp paper.

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