One of the most interesting political things to happen while I was away was this leak to Hotline about Gov. Christine Gregoire being on Obama's short list to replace Solicitor General Elena Kagan (assuming Kagan's Supreme Court appointment gets approved by Congress).

Surprisingly, in this interview Gregoire sounds pretty ambivalent about the idea:

"What would you do if the president of the United States asked you to serve?" Gregoire asked. "I have never had the experience, so I don't know what one does. But I really am committed to seeing us through this (economic) crisis."

And she doesn't exactly sound thrilled about the prospect of Lt. Gov. Brad Owen stepping into her shoes:

"I love Brad, but you know, it's a tough time to be governor," Gregoire said. "I'm in touch with all the former governors and nobody's got any advice for me because nobody's been through would be a real challenge to come in and take over in the middle of a crisis, for anybody."

Plus, depending on the timing it could create a chaotic free-for-all as several Washington Democrats line up to run against Owen when his term as a fill-in Governor is over.

On the other hand, Solicitor General!

So what should Gregoire do? Should she take the Solicitor General job if it's offered?

Keep in mind: results are binding, scientifically irrefutable, and basically become natural law.