Yes, yes, old news by internet standards, but just in case you missed it...

Some 20,000 pieces of mail - many more than a decade old - have been recovered from a postman's garage in the US city of Philadelphia.

Tubs of undelivered letters were discovered in April when the US Postal Service worker missed several days of work and managers visited his home.

The FBI said it took more than three postal vans to remove the mail, some of which dated back to 1997.

Investigators are still trying to find the postman so they can question him.

..."I got mail today from 2007," Kevin Carpenter told ABC News. "Pay-cheques, things like that that I needed - stuff from the social security administration and the IRS."

Going postal takes two forms: one, and the most famous and deadly, is an explosion; the other is an implosion. The latter harms your mail and not (directly) your life.