They're saving the video of Kagan eating out Janet Reno for the hearings this summer. It'll be C-SPAN's first Pay Per View hearing event.
The only real threats left to her from any political standpoint (barring them finding something totally off the wall between now and a confirmation vote) is the grilling she'll get about the Harvard barring of military recruiters--the neocons are still up about that. After that, some social conservative may or may not bring up her personal life during the hearings, but I think that ship has sailed except for the extreme crazies.
Doesn't she fall in line, at least on this issue, with most Americans, democrat and republican?
I have heard Republicant's say that barring recruiters at Harvard "during a time of war" put the nation at risk. This would be hilarious if it weren't so convoluted. The military's ban on gays led to the discharge of ten's of thousands of capable and trained individuals. What could be a greater risk to this nation's security? Fools!
Oh, and it figures that a snake like McConnell would want to keep the corruption flowing in the guise of free speech.
that ruling pissed BHO so much that it likely led to Kagan's nomination. he could have kept her in reserve and nominated the Black/Native American Lesbian Marxist Atheist he'd originally planned on.
@6 - why would a right-of-center President like Obama do that?
Does anyone else have a strange desire to cause some form of severe bodily harm to Mitch McConnell after reading this?

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