It's finally warm and dry here in Seattle, the perfect time to start riding your bike again! Or maybe you never stopped riding... either way Questionland has a panel of bike experts on hand all week to to answer whatever questions you might have about cycling!

We've got David Hiller, the Advocacy Director at Cascade Bicycle Club, Qamuuqin Maxwell the Program Coordinator at Bike Works in Columbia City, and Taylor Hurley of Mobius Cycle (who was recently featured in What Are You Doing?).

They've already given a bunch of great advice. Here are just some of the questions that have been asked and answered since this morning:

"Is there a safe way to listen to music while biking?"

"Road bike or hybrid?"

"I hate hills, I love my bike, and I live in Seattle. What are some tips that will improve my hill-climbing abilities?"

Weigh in with some advice of your own, or ask the bike panel your questions now!