Scott White: Impressively endorsed family man.
  • Scott White: Impressively endorsed family man.
The immediate political effect of state senator Ken Jacobsen's retirement is a realignment of who's gunning for what seat in north Seattle's 46th District. Ready for some slightly complicated shenanigans? Here we go!

David Frockt, the lawyer and Democratic activist who until today was challenging Jacobsen for his senate seat, will now aim a little lower and run for the 46th District house seat currently held by state representative Scott White.

Scott White, in turn, will run for Jacobsen's senate seat (with Frockt's endorsement).

What happened? Well, for one thing, the entire Democratic establishment is lined up behind Scott White for Senate, as White pointed out this afternoon in a release:

White, who lives with his young family in the Wedgwood neighborhood, made the announcement with a host of notable early endorsements, including Senator Jacobsen, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, and Senator Ed Murray...

In addition to Jacobsen, Brown, Murray, Constantine, Conlin, and Frockt, other early endorsers include State Treasurer Jim McIntire, Senator Joe McDermott, Representatives Sharon Nelson, Reuven Carlyle, Deb Eddy, Zack Hudgins, Marci Maxwell, Marco Liias, Tina Orwall, Eric Pettigrew, Tim Probst, Geoff Simpson and Brendan Williams. Other local government leaders include County Councilmembers Larry Phillips and Jan Drago, County Assessor Lloyd Hara, City Attorney Pete Holmes, and City Councilmembers Jean Godden and Sally Clark, Seattle School Board Members Sherry Carr, Peter Maier, and Harium Martin-Morris.

In addition to the Washington State Labor Council, Washington Conservation Voters and NARAL, White has early endorsements from UFCW Local 21, SEIU 775NW, Aerospace Machinists 751, Washington Federation of State Employees - AFSCME, Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28, Washington State Council of County and City Employees - AFSCME, and Sheet Metal Workers Local 66.

In other words, White and the Democratic establishment made Frockt an offer he couldn't refuse.