A hysterical press release I just received:

"Dan Rather Reports" Investigates Growing Nationwide Problem of Underage Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is often thought of as problem overseas, but it is actually an alarming problem here in the United States - Tuesday, May 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET
DALLAS (May 17, 2010) Tuesday's "Dan Rather Reports" will present an investigation into the growing problem of underage sex trafficking, with a focus on a city you might not expect: Portland, Oregon.

Portland proclaims itself as "The City of Roses," but beneath its inviting veneer of manicured parks and eco-friendly living, the city has a dirty, dark secret - a burgeoning legal and illegal sex industry. And according to the Portland Police Bureau, Portland has become a hotbed for child sex trafficking.
Really, underage sex slavery is just pure bosh. Again, focus on the banks, and focus on real shit like this:
Last Friday, Gov. Schwarzenegger detailed the brutal budget cuts coming, saying the state doesn’t have the money, and that the current system is broken and must be repaired. Further, he said he will not sign a budget that does not contain substantial pension, budget, and tax reform.

He singled out CalPERS, the public pension system, as needing reform. By law, CalPERS can force the state to make up any shortfall, and for the coming fiscal year, that will amount to almost $7 billion.

Among the cuts Schwarzenegger proposes is to completely eliminate (not just cut back) welfare, cutting pay for state workers even further (many already have furlough days, which essentially are pay cuts), eliminating subsidized child care for all children but pre-schoolers, cut in-home care for the elderly and disabled, and more.

He does not favor tax increases, preferring to try to stimulate job growth instead.

You want to do something about underage sex slavery, then direct your attacks not at a few perverts taking advantage of the system but the very system itself—a system that lumps the entire failure of the economy on the backs of ordinary people.

Portland has its problems, but it is far from the capital of our problems:

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