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I'd say, in a puritanical society each story is considered taboo if not deviant.
let mudede take a stab at it.
Shouldn't that stone age dildo have a ruler next to it? I just want to know if big was in back then?
"I'm having hard time seeing the relationship between the dildo/lighter and any of these other stories."

That's the difference between a Savage slog post and a Mudede slog post.
Sex, the magic linking keyword.
No mention of the 7th annual International Day Against Homophobia yesterday, but a dildo/lighter gets a post?
Yeah, well, it's Slog, Dingo. No mention of yesterday's highly controversial Supreme Court ruling either. But if you want sex and drugs, you're in the right place.

Great for smoking after sex.

"Do you smoke after sex?"

"I don't know--I've never looked."
And not to mention the Buffy connection: How do you kill a vampire? A WOODEN STAKE. How do you sexual roleplay vampire and hunter? A WOODEN DILDO.
Wait, Emma Caulfield can be considered a star of Buffy? She wasn't in about half of that show, and a secondary character after that, right?
@11: She was a pretty major character for a good few seasons. She first appeared in the third season, and appeared more frequently as time went on. I think she had her name and picture in the opening sequence from seasons 4-7.
@7: Thank god, eh?
The article states "its use is pretty obvious". The assumption that objects from the remote past were put to any use that cannot be proven is bad science. Archeologists and paleontologists used to ascribe religious or ceremonial meaning to all sorts of things but the truth is we just don't know what cultural significance something created in the remote past by a poorly understood culture may have had. Just because it resembles a phallus does not prove it was used as a dildo. We still don't actully know the purpose of cave paintings.
I think the only fires this started are the ones that would flare up in the ass and crotch area after it's use by multipals cave peoples.
@5 FTW.

Yes, Dan, you were being dense. Or else ironic.
Emma Caulfield's connection to any kind of sex is immediately apparent to me.

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