Fools and money, etc., I guess.
Will she include a helpful treatise on how to have a baby out of wedlock and then convince the world that it was your mother that had the baby instead?
Good to see she takes after dear ol' mum.
No offense Dan, but aren't you in the 30K range yourself? If someone wants to listen to her ramble on about abstinence, and they can afford her fee, more power to them.
The really sad thing - IMHO - is that the people who would be interested in seeing Little Miss Palin and hearing her speak about keeping it in yer britches don't see even a hint of irony in her promoting abstinence. Nor do they see the dichotomy in cashing in on new-found Christian martyrdom. "Hell," they'd say, "everyone's entitled to earn a livin'."
When is it my turn to get knocked up by Levi Johnson?
@4, Bristol's got an extremely short shelf life as a speaker, so needs to calculate maximum return before she burns out; Dan's built a body of work, and whatever his price, works cheap considering the uniqueness of what he offers.
I agree with @4; this is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Not that I have any problem with either of you making that kind of money.
Dan's just jealous he can't pull in that kind of coin for a speaking engagement.
The difference of course being that, to my knowledge at least, Dan has never claimed to adhere to a certain set of behaviors or practices that he has been proven unable to follow, and then attempted to turn around and cash in on being an "expert" on a subject about which he demonstrates no particular aptitude to justify the fee he's requesting.
Isn't this just roundabout prostitution?
Ill talk to each of your congregation's 18yo+ single women about pregnancy prevention, and even do demos for the cheap price of $100 a head.
@12, Ignatius J. Reilly would agree.
I'm sorry but fuck it. GOOD FOR HER!! Seriously, if people are dumb enough to pay her those fees then frankly she should get the money. She's exploiting the only "skill" she has.
How much DO you charge those credulous 18 year old fratboys you lecture, Dan?

And when you advise heterosexuals about sex are they LEARNING FROM THE EXPERT??

Who is more versed, you on heterosexuality or Bristol on abstinence?

I'll bet Bristol has practiced more abstinence than you have heterosexual sex.


Do Tell.......

(ps- you are a hypocritical pussy if you do not disclose to Slog your fees after mocking Palin's.....)
i remember hearing a motivational speaking couple at my high school (in small town alaska). even at the time it struck me as funny that they, who had a baby together in high school, were preaching abstinence when their own life had actually turned out pretty well.
bristol might even glorify the whole thing- after all she's famous and making bank, not exactly high motivation.
@12 has got it right. There's a fine line between selling fantasies regarding your sex life to desperate fools and simply turning tricks.
Or you could just watch Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind) discuss it with his mistress...sorry, his interviewer:…
She's pretty hot.
We'll have to see the wife before we pass judgement on this clown....

I'll one up you and for a flat $75 fee present a detailed account & presentation on the importance of abstaining from alcohol when in pursuit of employment opportunities (never minding that I'm an unemployed drunk, of course.)
Dan's snarky bravado can't conceal his white-knuckle cold-sweat panic-
Bristol could be some real competition-

After all, Dan's fellow Free Sex! Safe Sex! brethren doing what HE advocates give each other AIDS at, what, 38X the rate of Bristol's fumbling awkward teenage fans.

When world gets out HomoNation may clamour for the chance to pay Bristol to tell them how normal people manage to do it....

There. I just upped the ante to 35K. She won't be able to resist.

After she's done, I'll give her a 100 Grand bonus.
#4: I like Dan (usually; he really needs to reexamine his stupid, credulous anti-pit bull thing), I listen to his podcast and read the stuff he writes, so this isn't intended to belittle him, but I very seriously doubt he commands a $30,000 per engagement appearance fee, especially since he most often seems to appear in front of student audiences. Ann Coulter is far more controversial, has written 7 best sellers and appears on TV more often than Dan, and hers is reportedly "only" $10,000 (although, personally, I can't imagine why anyone would willingly pay anything to listen to that harridan speak).
Well, at least she's actually had sex, so that makes her opinion much more informed than that of the Pope. And yet over a billion people take his sex advice as gospel.
Small-minded hypocrites, opportunists, pitchmen, paranoid conspiracy theorists. lunatic religious fundamentalists, and trailer trash have been around this country a long time, and somehow we survived. Why the fuck are we paying this much attention to them now? Can't we just sweep them back under the nation's carpet, where they belong?

I get the feeling that there are those who will hire this bimbo only because it annoys US. The culture war has got way too much ammo these days.
How much Dan?
Put up or Shut Up,
you BullShit Coward Hypocrite Pussy.....
This is like Cheney giving lectures on gun safety.
@24 - I don't know for sure what kind of compensation Dan gets for his speaking engagements and I'm too polite to ask. My partner (read: the gay man I sleep with) works at a university and told me he considered booking Dan Savage for a gig, but the price was a little too high. Perhaps I misheard him, but I thought he said Dan's asking price was around 30K. In any event, the only point I'm trying to make is that if there are stupids out there willing to pay good money to hear some knocked-up, teenaged slut talk about abstinence, who am I to deny them?
from Seattle PI

Bristol Palin gets $15,000 to $30,000 speaking fees

"Opportunity knocks when you are America's best-known teenage mom, and Bristol Palin has signed on with Single Source Speakers to give lectures at $15,000 to $30,000 a pop, more lucrative than her current job at an Anchorage doctor's office.

The daughter is commanding less on the speech making circuit than mom Sarah Palin. The dropout Alaska governor reportedly gets $100,000 plus business or first class plane tickets for herself and "First Dude."

When it comes to family and parenting issues, however, a bevy of Seattle speakers - covering the ideological spectrum - can be hired for much less than either Bristol or Sarah Palin.

Dan Savage, sex advice columnist ("Savage Love"), parenting author ("The Kid") and editorial director at The Stranger, is priced in the $5,001-$10,000 range, according to the Keppler Speakers website.

The site includes numerous testimonials from Savage's campus gigs. It describes him as "the LGBT community's own Ann Landers" and a speaker who "appeals to audiences - gay and straight - because of his frank, forthright and funny discussion of sex and relationships."

University of Washington sociology professor Pepper Schwartz is also in the $5,000-$10,000 range, and is advertised on as a lecturer on "relationship topics," womens issues and parent and child issues.

Maybe it's a good thing he held off on buying that yacht after all.
As long as she's taking money from churchs, the same churchs that are always blabbing about how they help the poor, fine. It just confirms what morons church people are.
As a speaker yourself, Dan, perhaps you can shed some light on this issue.

In relative terms, how much do you make as a speaker?

If you're going to attack this bitch (rightfully!), how much does an anti-abstinence speaker make, just for frame of reference?

After all, we public commenters earn nothing beyond the advertising hits and coin that goes into the Stranger's pocket. I'm all to happy to contribute.

Usually the expression "commands a $X speaking fee" means "groups are eager to have her speak at that price." In the news article, it seems instead to mean "this is how much she is asking for". Which ain't the same thing at all. If she actually lands several gigs at that price, then ok. But I predict you'll find that she'll be offering serious discounts to groups because "they are such good organizations that she really wants to help out their cause by cutting them a deal on her speaking fee."
@ 33

From @ 30:

"Dan Savage, sex advice columnist ("Savage Love"), parenting author ("The Kid") and editorial director at The Stranger, is priced in the $5,001-$10,000 range, according to the Keppler Speakers website."
@35: If I were a public speaker, I would so always demand payment in an arbitrarily non-round number like $5,001.
@9- I don't have a problem with either of them asking for those fees. I just feel saddened that Ms. B. Palin actually gets paid them.
@37: I'm still not convinced she DOES get paid them. Does anything in any of the articles about this suggest that some event organizer in search of a keynote speaker has actually met her asking price? Or is it just her "list price"?
Gawd, aren't their 15 minutes OVER yet?
How can anyone even compare the speaking fee for Dan or anyone worth listening to the Palins? It's sad that anyone even wants to listen to them talk let alone pay for it! Sarah is pretty sick too; her speaking contract calls for "five (5) black pillar candles of 13" in length and 3" in circumference, one (1) stone altar of Baphomet, one (1) obsidian dagger, and one (1) baby delivered to her dressing area no less than two hours prior to her speech" among other things.

Dan, raise your fees.

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