This is not the mayor.
  • This is not the mayor.
Everyone knows that cyclists have great asses—it's the single best perk of being a bicycle commuter. Mayor Mike McGinn bikes to work. It stands to reason he has an ass like two firm, honey-baked hams. Right?

"I think that's up to you to decide," said Aaron Pickus, spokesman for the mayor.

This Friday is your chance, when the Cascade Bicycle Club is hosting Bike to Work Day ride and rally in honor of Bike Month. At 7:20 a.m., the mayor will meet local commuters at the Fremont Bridge and ride with them to the rally at City Hall, which will include music, free water bottles, and bike maps. There will also be a group photo.

This is a ham.
  • This is a ham.
Bike commuters who don't live or work downtown won't miss out on anything except the mayoral hams— 44 designated commute stations located throughout King, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties will also be set up from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on Friday. At these stations, cyclists can have their bikes spot-checked by professionals, pick up local commuting information, and enjoy a snack.

The day's bike-centric festivities will end with a street party in downtown Ballard, starting at 4:00 p.m.

In 2009, Bike to Work Day rallied nearly 20,000 bike commuters.