has the riveting story of this naked butt and hair seen in the wilds of Tiger Mountian:

"I saw his butt. I saw his hair," said Heather Nausadis, who spotted [a nude man] while hiking the Tiger Mountain Trail on Sunday afternoon. "He's naked. He's naked, you know!"

Nausadis says the man in the buff surprised her in the woods, then was surprised by her fiance, who was about 50 feet down the trail.

"He (the nude man) was coming at me. Wasn't like he was coming at me fast or lunging, but he was close enough. A few more steps, and he would have been right there. I just didn't know what to do."

She says the trail was packed when she spotted the man about a half hour into her hike.

"We're like, 'How bold is it!'" she said. "I think I was more relieved that Dennis was there, and it wasn't some woman by herself."

Beware! For the Naked Butt and Hair of Tiger Mountain lurks in the shadows.