The NYT writes about the Twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says" today:

The biggest surprise on next season’s CBS schedule is a sitcom tentatively called “Bleep My Dad Says,” not just because its title disguises an expletive, but because it was inspired by a page on Twitter.... The CBS show inspired by a popular Twitter page—whose actual name is decidedly more profane than the “Bleep” title—is an old-fashioned, multicamera, studio audience comedy, in the mold of CBS’s hugely popular “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

And the NYT wrote about the website "Shit My Kids Ruined" yesterday:

Ms. Brophy, who was a personal assistant before she decided to stay home full time with her two sons (the older is 4), knew from the response to the paint-slick photo that she was on to something. The next day she bought a domain name—let’s call her site “Stuff My Kids Ruined,” since the first word is a vulgarity we avoid in the newspaper. She posted some similar images on a Facebook photo album—the rug, a torn couch—which she directed her 400 online friends to. Soon people started adding their own: a toddler doused in Desitin ointment, more gouged furniture, garments covered in some infant’s bodily fluids.

Come on. The word "shit" isn't all that profane or vulgar anymore. But protecting your readers—your adult readers—from a word that long since passed from profanity to banality is pretty patronizing.