Hopefully this gets rid of him for good.
Ugh, what a dick.
Never do anything because it's the right thing to do, right Dave? Does that apply to doing the wrong thing? Would you do the wrong thing for the American people if you needed to hold onto the district? Prick!
This isn't particularly shocking. I think it's safe to say that most politicians have cast a vote or two to keep their job safe. That said, I still hope they vote him out.
Like I've said many times, it's a shame so many Republicants hate America so much.
Isn't this what representative democracy looks like? Most of you only want your reps to vote their conscious if their conscious lines up with your agenda.

We could do a lot worse than Reichert.
@6 - wrong.

Sue Rahr may think she has a shot at being the next Republicant Congressional victor, but she doesn't.
oh no an elected official doing what his district wants, how terrible
A republican voting on a purely political basis to squelch the masses? Say it ain't so! Turns out "drill baby drill" doesn't poll so well after BP destroys the gulf of Mexico, and we know how much Reichert is itching to destroy the puget sound. I mean come on guys drilling is so totally safe, spills rarely happen so after I vote to ban offshore drilling I'll work harder to completely distort information to further my personal belief that god wants us to take this oil, I mean if there were consequences to our actions wouldn't god have sent us a sign?
The stupid, it burns.

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