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At the same Babeland I stuck my finger in a Fleshlight (my partner and I were Valentine's shopping together, thought it was a good idea to get his input). In the same vein, we both thought it felt like a slimy corpse - cold and just gross.

We ended up settling on a good old fashioned vibrator for a sex act we've coined as a French Wedding (and for that, you'll have to inquire for more info).
Careful Dan, Ron's still around and pitching. He might not like you using his name like that...

For some reason it seemed to me to be targeted at women? Perhaps specifically women with a thing for altar boys?
But wait, there's more!
@1 -- I'm inquiring.

I was at an Aren't We Naughty a couple weekends ago and saw this. They had it out (much like this one) for customers to look at. Yeah, it's creepy. And I don't know how, at all, having little silicone tongues beating against my clit would ever get me off. It's a cute idea, but... I can't see it actually working.

I never thought of the little kid thing. Dan, I think you've been reading too many articles about the RCC.
I'm with Dan. I watched the video before reading the text of the post. My first reaction was: what the fuck is that? That's a sex toy? What does it do? It looks like a fan inside and old coin-op parking meter head.

I'm pretty sure I don't want that thing anywhere near my sexy parts.
I guess not every new invention can be a winner, but if it's selling well, then I think that's fantastic.

The world needs MORE sex toys and MORE open-mindedness about pleasure, not less. Do we want a world where the only sex toys you can get are one-size, plastic, cheap vibrators that the manufacturers tried to NOT make look like a cock and insist are only for back massages?

Don't forget about what's-her-name the chick who sucks off goats (Marlee Ginter?) who was all *shocked* about a store that sells boring fucking dildos.
"it slices, it dices and it Juliennes too..."
The 'suckling' cat from a few days ago reminded me of a sqweel, as if that video was not disturbing enough.
Also, would it be alters BOYS?
It's false advertising to claim anyone's tongue can move that fast...
I actually think it's designed for the ladies. And I'm pretty sure I saw it in the Jane Fonda classic Barbarella.
Yes, Keck is quite old, isn't he?

He probably fought with I'm 85 Years Old on the playground.
@1--you need to warm up the fleshlight with hot water and add some lube. Then the sensation is quite pleasant. . . And actually if you just add lube the cool sensation is kinda nice too.
I think it's the Pocket Rimjob, actually.
It looks like something a one-handed supervillian would have sticking out of his wrist.

Plus, that thing looks like it has some sharp-looking pointy edges around the sides. Ouch.
@13: Yeah, I was thinking that too. I imagine warming it goes a long way.
Okay, well, it definitely wasn't designed for your nose, Dan!!
Tell about your Musical, Dan.
NOW how much would you pay???
I think the Sqweel and the Fleshlight should get together and make a bay-bee.
regarding the u/h dilemma, THANK YOU. that has bugged me since i first saw this terrifying little tongue turbine thing. shudder.
Why thank you for the info. When I'm in Soho-for reasons I won't get into-I'll be sure to check it out.
@5 - email me and I'll share all.

@13 - thanks for the warm water tip but I'm still wearing a condom if I'm using a Fleshlight (at least the store model version).
and it tosses your salads.......
The sqweel is pretty much intended for clits, but I think you also could put it on assholes. When it first came out, I read all the copy, which was focused on how easy to clean it is, and wondered how it could possibly make anyone come.
And crazy @7, I am not being sex negative, I used to be a buyer for a fetish shop here, I'm just thinking broadly about things that usually make people come. Slapping their junk with silicone in this fashion isn't really usually how it is done.
I agree with Dan, having played with it in person, I was not inclined to try fucking with it near my bits or anyone else's. Not a pleasant sensation, indeed. (And the nose test is how you usually try out sex toys in public in stores.) I think they're selling well in the way that any sex toy that Babeland sells with good packaging will sell well. It *seems* like miracle cunnilingus, which does make lots of ladies come, and there probably are people who will get off on it. But it's like hard-ish little fins rotating on your ass or your clit... why not just actually get comfortable enough to use your fingers to beat off?
No, you are not the intended market. But thanks for the lame review anyways.
I'd call this another manifestation of the uncanny valley. It's just similar enough to actually getting axlrose to be creepy.
And yes, it looks creepy. Less Sqweel, more squick.
What I find funny about the Sqweel is its inventor and I have, how should I put it, very very similar backgrounds. I've probably bumped into him in the hallways at college a few times in college, and to me that's hilarious because we did not go to a big college in a major city so he's the first person I've seen gain any real notoriety.

While a sex toy is one of the most significant things to emerge from that college, that being said, I think the bright pink color is a huge mistake, makes it looks creepy and cheap. If it was anything else, something that wasn't even trying to evoke flesh, it would probably work.
What happens if you're au naturel down south?
@29: Then the fake tongues re-enact Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" in the depths of the forest
It seems like it would be difficult to clean.
@31 just hold it against a sponge, viola!
that's voila, but i guess you can hold it up against a viola too....
Dan, weren't you doing press for your play? Why sound like you joined the CIA? Unless the play press was just a cover for joining the CIA
@29 - you get a free pluck job too. OWIE.
Basically a scaled down version of this:
I bought the Sqweel after I saw this review:…

The thing dosen't feel like cunnilingus, but it does feel just like using the shower head (which is why I bought it). The Thawpt thawpt thawpt of the water from the jets of the shower head is very similar to the thawpting of the little tongues. All the benefits of the shower head and no wasted water!
Hi folks,
this is Trev, I designed the Sqweel. My background is in animation. I stumbled across LoveHoney's 'Design a Sex Toy' competition some years back. At the time I was out of work and pretty broke so, as first prize was 1,000 pounds, I though I'd give it a try. I sent in 4 different toy designs and my last design won.
Not everyone will love the Sqweel but it's like that with anything. Not all women like vibrators or have sensitive nipples, etc. I would just ask that you don't write it off because it looks weird or all those tongues freak you out. It's about sensation. The Sqweel is at it's best with plenty of lube. You wouldn't expect good oral from a partner with dry mouth, would you? I understand the 'nose test' in regards to nerve endings but the flesh of your genitalia is so much softer and yielding (this is starting to sound like 50 Shades of Grey) so I feel it's not an accurate indication of sensation.
The Sqweel is designed for women but I've read plenty of positive reviews from guys too.
I dunno, I don't post much about the Sqweel but I like Dan's podcast and appreciate the mention, even if it didn't blow his mind (or nose).

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