Blame the County for inaction on this one.

We in Seattle pay King County taxes too, but we get very very little in services back.

Damned inefficient suburbanites!
The bridge to south park is closing? I haven't heard this! That's crazy!
I've only seen a half dozen or so South Park episodes, but I can assure you those kids walk everywhere.
@3 .. no, sometimes they ride scooters or three wheelers.
I thought it was illegal to provide bike improvements south of the Ship Canal. Shouldn't they dismantle the South Park Bridge and reassemble it in Ballard where the white people are?
This is a fucking tragedy. This will be a BIG black eye on Seattle's so-called "Progressive"ness for years to come. It makes me so mad I can barely see straight.

That being said, I hope to Christ there's a BIG ASS STREET PARTY the night they kill the bridge. Getting drunk and shooting off firecrackers would be AT LEAST as effective as the politicos have been for the past thirty years, in terms of getting a new SP bridge built.

"I thought it was illegal to provide bike improvements south of the Ship Canal. "

Exactly, everyone knows only white people ride bikes in Seattle....minorities on bikes = DUI.
I recommend we hold a Big Party on the South Park bridge when they are closing it - and send out invites to the suburban County Councilmembers for the next evening, when we can just explode it.
The sidewalk study is great, but doesn't look at how to walk out of South Park. Walking out of South Park can best be described as "Try and Die".

The Cascade Bicycle Club did a great job catalogueing the impossibility of biking out of South Park safely. What they politely don't mention is that there are no sidewalks along the "missing links" that they list. I fear that if the county builds bike lanes, as it has announced, up the Hill of Death to Roxbury, then that lane will be clogged with hikers. I'm not an engineer, but I think sidewalks have to be installed at the same time as the bike lanes.
Who owns the bridge?

King County owns the south half of the bridge and the City of Tukwila owns the north half of the bridge. King County is responsible for the bridge under the terms of an interlocal agreement between the two jurisdictions.…;;
Why can't this bridge remain open to pedestrians and cyclists? Sure it is in danger of collapsing with thousands of pounds of steel crossing every day, but I'm guessing there is much less danger if the bridge is only used by light human-powered traffic.

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