Woo Hoo!

iPads for everyone!
Depressing, but not surprising news.

I think back around the first iBooks in late summer 1999 — the clamshells — some of us knew this day would likely happen, that the iMac Internet Appliance was not a mere fluke. But I doubt we knew this day would happen all reverse-Ridley Scott style.
An impressive achievement by whatever metric—S&P 500 rank doesn't tell the whole story (MSFTs full market cap is actually $275B), but I'm sure Jobs feels vindicated.

So, when do they start paying dividends?
@3 When Steve Jobs needs them.
Possible reasons for this have already been explored by another website. Jump to 1:30 to get to the point.
I've been using Apple for 10yrs, will probably stop buying their products for several big reasons. So I'm not too familiar with Microsoft's products but I have not noticed them coming out with ANYTHING exciting in a very long time. Why not? Am I wrong?
@6: Windows 7 is exciting in that it's more recent than XP but doesn't suck mule balls. And in the videogame department, apparently they've been tinkering with some full-body motion-capture device called Project Natal (pronounced nuh-TAL).

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